Leon Edwards to UFC: Give Me Either Masvidal or a Title Shot Next

By: Nathan Zur
Mar 20, 2019

After last weekend’s main-event bout at UFC London had concluded, an ugly altercation between Jorge Masvidal and Britain’s Leon Edwards broke out after Edwards called out to the Floridian as he was in the middle of an interview.

A clearly incensed Masvidal ended his interview and approached Edwards with his hands behind his back. “Gamebred” then threw several punches before being restrained by security.

Masvidal has gone on record with his side of the story, and Edwards was a guest on on Eurobash this week to provide his version of what transpired.

“Masvidal’s a rat…I don’t know what f*ckin’ happened,” Edwards said. “He was doing media, I was doing media, we both locked eyes together. I think I said, ‘We’ll go in July,’ or something like that and he said, ‘Maybe July, or maybe not,’ and blah, blah, blah.

“So he started walking over… I’m walking over,” he continued. “He says in that f*ckin’ video that I walked over with my hands up… if I walked over with my hands up I wouldn’t have got touched… he wouldn’t have thrown no shots.

“I walked over and he tried to cheap shot me, that’s it really,” Edwards added. “He threw a few cheap shots and then he ran behind security. All the security surrounded us and that was it. He’s making out like he’s some kind of bad boy. I don’t understand, how can you find respect in cheap-shotting somebody and running behind security?”

Edwards now has his cross-hairs firmly set on Masvidal. The Birmingham-based fighter issued UFC matchmakers an ultimatum, requesting they either give him Masvidal or a title shot next.

“They can’t come to me with nothing else but Masvidal,” he said. “It’s either Masvidal or a title shot. I’m on a seven-fight win streak in one of the hardest divisions in the sport. I should’ve had a title shot already. Everyone else gets title shots off four or five wins. I’m on a seven-fight winning streak and I’m fighting back-to-back tough guys. It’s either smashing Masvidal’s head in or a title shot for me.

Edwards issued a warning to Masvidal saying the next time he lays eyes on him then all hell is going to break lose.

“I don’t know how they’re gonna make a fight between us because I’m telling you it’s going to be on sight,” he said. “He cannot be in the same area as me or the same hotel as me. I’m going to f--- this man up.”

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