Fight Circus 3 to Air April 9; Features ‘Trinity Rules’ Match, ‘Phone Booth Fight’

By: Jay Pettry
Apr 2, 2021

If you thought Full Metal Dojo would run out of wild ideas for its “Fight Circus” series of events, you haven’t been paying attention.

On Tuesday, the Thailand-based organization announced that its third Fight Circus event, titled “Fisting for Dollars,” would take place on April 9 in the U.S. and April 10 in Thailand. Like the previous cards, Fight Circus Vol. 3 will be streamed live and free on the CamSoda platform, with a wide variety of bouts scheduled throughout the night. Although there may not be a single traditional MMA bout on the card, FMD is branching out to many different facets of unarmed combat.

There are currently nine announced matches for the event, with each one under a different ruleset. While more traditional combat sports such as muay Thai, lethwei and bare-knuckle boxing bouts are booked, the intrigue lies with the unusual matchups. Carrying on the trend from the past two Fight Circus cards, a bout pitting two fighters against a single opponent will take place. Two fighters known exclusively as Bank and No Money, who have defeated Mikhail Vetrila and Ali Mohammad in the past, will be squaring off against former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight Will Chope.

One additional bout has not been announced, and its rules and combatants are undisclosed until the fight takes place. FMD may also slot in other matches unprompted, such as a grappling match between a man and a woman as seen on Fight Circus 1. The league is also introducing a few never-before-seen matches, including “New Generation Siamese Kickboxing” and a “Phone Booth Fight.” In the former, two men will be tied together, and they will face off against two other men that are also tied together. For the latter, two men will enter a phone booth, and they will clash in close proximity.

Multiple unorthodox fights will be held using unconventional rulesets, including one that will take place under “Trinity Rules.” Under this format, Souris Manfredi and Akkaranee Kadsin will compete in three rounds of competition, where the style of combat will change round-by-round. The first round will be contested under boxing rules, the second kickboxing, and the third MMA. Additionally, there is a battle FMD has titled “Human Cockfighting,” which means that the two fighters will only be permitted to kick one another. Finally, a bare-knuckle boxing match has been scheduled, and Fabiano Hawthorne and Thomas Newton will have a single 10-minute round to settle their differences.

The previous Fight Circus event ended abruptly, when master of ceremonies and FMD CEO Jon Nutt was attacked in the ring by Bob Sapp and several little people dressed as ninjas. The 2002 K-1 World Grand Prix semifinalist and Pride Fighting Championships vet will be involved in Fight Circus 3 in some capacity. The event will be held outdoors at the Sea Galleri by Katathani Resort in Phuket, Thailand, which played host to FMD’s Bare Knuckle Kingdom show in January.

Full Metal Dojo: Fight Circus Vol. 3 Lineup:

MMA 2 vs. 1: Bank & No Money vs. Will Chope
Muay Thai: Nong Rose vs. Renaud Gurgui
Kicking Only: Tetee Denman vs. William Gurgui
Mystery Fight: No information provided
Trinity Rules: Souris Manfredi vs. Akkaranee Kadsin
Bare Knuckle Boxing: Fabiano Hawthorne vs. Thomas Newton
Phone Booth Fight: Nai Densarakam vs. Jacky
Indian Leg Wrestling: Sofia Sigareva vs. Venera Kainazarova
Siamese Kickboxing: Petsilla & Daysekda vs. Hulices & Nauris
Lethwei: Somiong Lukthupfa vs. Kritsada Kongsricha

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