Full Metal Dojo: Fight Circus 3 Postponed Due to COVID-19

By: Jay Pettry
Apr 9, 2021

Full Metal Dojo’s Fight Circus 3 is off the books for now, but it should be back again soon.

On Wednesday afternoon, FMD President Jon Nutt posted on his Facebook account that the event could no longer allow spectators at the Sea Galleri by Katathani Resort in Phuket, Thailand. Local regulations prohibited any fans from attending the event, and Nutt explained that tickets would be refunded and potential attendees would be barred from entry. Late Thursday night, Nutt made another announcement: the event was being postponed, but not canceled outright. Sherdog has confirmed this news with sources close to the situation.

Nutt explained, “As of last night, when I was doing last night – I met up with all my people, [a representative] of [the Katathani Resort], I met up with everybody, and last night we made sure that we were refunding all the cash, no guests were allowed, nothing was doing anything, we were taking care of it for COVID and making a COVID bubble. We were trying our best.

“Unfortunately, again, I have now met with some of my new friends here, and the show can’t go on,” Nutt stated. “So everybody that was planning on coming, you don’t need to come. You don’t need to come. It will probably save us some time and some cash if you don’t come. We want to do everything with the best interest to provide good, healthy domestic tourism and international tourism in the future.

“But unfortunately, my Fight Circus show is on pause – is on pause, we’re just moving it back…Mr. Brightside. Take care of yourselves,” the FMD head concluded.

Fight Circus 3 was to be streamed live and free on the CamSoda platform, with a wide variety of bouts scheduled throughout the night. Every bout was to go down under a different ruleset, with matches ranging from lethwei to muay Thai to more unorthodox options including “New Generation Siamese Kickboxing” as well as a “Phone Booth Fight.”
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