Brent Primus Ponders Release from Bellator MMA

Jan 5, 2021

Despite winning eight of nine fights in Bellator MMA, and formerly being their lightweight champion, Brent Primus has not been nearly as active as he wants. Having fought just once a year for the promotion since 2014, it has gotten to a point where he wonders if the organization has some sort of unspoken dislike for him. This leads the 35-year-old to admit that asking for a release from his long-time home has crossed his mind in recent days.

“I fought one time this year and I went through three training camps. All the way up to a week out from when I was supposed to fight. That really sucks. I spent so much money on conditioning and driving up to Portland four or five times a week. The COVID [related cancellation], there’s nothing they can do about that. Which I understand. I was supposed to fight [Goiti] Yamauchi and I trained my butt off for that fight. [Then] my manager called me and said, ‘hey, Bellator just called and they asked if you want to fight Dec. 10?’ And I was like, alright let’s do it. It’s six weeks out, my weight’s not too heavy, I need the money, let’s do this. I was put through hell for six weeks. I lost 28 pounds. I was ready to cut my weight; I don’t know what happened and this has happened multiple times. It’s definitely crossed my mind,” Primus told Sherdog when asked if he might ask for his release. “It’s hard. I need at least two fights a year. I like Bellator but I definitely need more fights. I just feel like I should have a lot more fights and I’m wasting the most valuable time of my career right now.”

Along with detailing his frustrations with his employer, the Oregon native also spoke in-depth about competing against superstar grappler Craig Jones at Submission Underground 19 on Dec. 20 and how he came into the match with a badly injured rib. He also says he tore a muscle from his collarbone during the bout.


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