Conor McGregor Sued by Alleged Victim after Smashing Phone

By: Jay Pettry
Mar 14, 2019

The alleged victim in the phone-smashing incident in Miami is now suing Conor McGregor for over $15,000 in damages.

According to the Associated Press on Thursday, Miami-Dade County court records show that McGregor is being sued by Ahmed Abdirzak, the alleged victim in the incident. The lawsuit accuses the Irishman of assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. While the phone itself was valued at $1,000, the additional damages account for the remainder, totaling at least $15,000.

Earlier on Thursday, a video from TMZ surfaced showing McGregor stomping on Abdirzak's phone. For the incident, McGregor was arrested and charged with felony strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief. He has since been released on a $12,500 bond, and he will return to court for an arraignment on April 10.

The defense attorney for McGregor noted that they have received the lawsuit, and briefly remarked that the lawsuit is "a quick effort seeking a payday."

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