Colorado Commission Overturns Chas Skelly’s 2018 UFC Loss to Bobby Moffett

By: Tristen Critchfield
Jun 24, 2020

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It took more than a year and a half, but Chas Skelly finally has justice for a controversial defeat to Bobby Moffett at UFC Fight Night 139.

Skelly revealed on social media that the Colorado Combative Sports Commission recently overturned the loss to a no contest. Moffett earned a submission victory over Skelly on Nov. 10, 2018 in Denver after securing a brabo choke. However, referee Tim Mills mistakenly assumed Skelly was unconscious and prematurely called for the stoppage. Despite Skelly’s protests at the time, the verdict stood.

Skelly shared a letter from the Colorado commission announcing the ruling.

“In reviewing the bout video in its entirety, as well as the video submitted by you, I have concluded that the mechanics of the referee helped in creating an untimely stoppage of the fight, which resulted in an incorrect decision being rendered in this bout,” wrote Tony Cummings, director of the Colorado Office of Combative Sports director.

“While I find no malice in the referee’s actions in this situation, it is my opinion that the view of the fight ending sequence showed that a proper defense was being employed and that as such, the sequence should have been allowed to play itself out. There was no indication that the submission attempt resulted in you verbally submitting or being rendered unconscious.”

Not surprisingly, Skelly was quite pleased with the verdict.

“Thank you Tony Cummings and the Colorado Office of Combative Sports, for showing that the athletic commissions can work in the fighters best interest!” he wrote.

Skelly, 35, returned to the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 158 this past September, where he earned a unanimous decision over Jordan Griffin to improve to 7-3 with one no contest within the Las Vegas-based promotion.

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