The Coronavirus Chronicles: Calvin Kattar

Apr 16, 2020

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Calvin Kattar’s fight plans have remained in a constant state of limbo over the last few weeks. In March, UFC 249 seemed like an impossibility as the promotion postponed the three events preceding it. Once April rolled around, the event looked all but assured to happen until it too was shut down. Now with another far from guaranteed fight set for the organization’s planned event on May 9, Kattar will approach this booking the same way he did the others: To just focus on the things he actually can control.

“It’s not official. It’s a bunch of maybes. For me, I just focus on the things that I can control. Which is each [training] session,” Kattar told Sherdog. “I’m just putting all my energy towards being ready for each session, and making sure we’re going over the right things should the UFC get a location and a date. And we’ll be ready for it.”

In this conversation with Sherdog, “The Boston Finisher” spoke on the unpredictable nature of the last few weeks and if it has taken a mental toll. He also touched on his tentatively-scheduled fight with Jeremy Stephens, and the challenge of the veteran’s power-punching prowess. He gave his thoughts on participating in what continues to be a controversial pursuit by the UFC and training for a bout during a global pandemic. Plus, he vented about his home town New England Patriots and the departure of legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

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