The Coronavirus Chronicles: Andre Ewell

Mar 25, 2020

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Andre Ewell was not a victim of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s decision to cease activities due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, he does reside in California, one of the hardest-hit areas in the country, and he does have a baby on the way—a child he plans to keep safe during the crisis.

“They’re doing their job—the hospitals and the doctors over here,” Ewell told “They’re doing their job to make sure that it does not come to that situation [of newborns being endangered by the coronavirus]. They’re keeping it safe. They even banned it, where visitors are not allowed to come in, only the [parents and the child]. It’s depressing for everybody else because they end up hearing, ‘Oh, you won’t be able to see the baby until the baby gets home.’”

In this exclusive interview with Sherdog, Ewell discusses his controversial UFC 247 win over Jonathan Martinez, injuries to his arm and knee, his dissatisfaction with UFC analyst Joe Rogan and his hope to return to competition sometime this summer.


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