Lupita Godinez’s ‘Crazy’ For a Fight

Oct 29, 2020

Lupita Godinez being booked into the main event of LFA 94 is not a coincidence. While she may be a fast rising strawweight prospect deserving of a title fight, “Loopy” actually campaigned for the bout this summer during Instagram conversations with current strawweight champion Crystal Vanessa Demopoulos. As the 27-year-old explained to Sherdog, her push for a championship opportunity came from a place of respect, but also a “crazy” desire to end a stretch of inactivity dating back to November.

“Just to say good luck on her fight [with Sam Hughes], and I just saw her as a future opponent,” Godinez told Sherdog when explaining why she originally messaged Demopoulos. “We have no beef whatsoever. We’re cool and just going to put on a show. I also [later] asked her if she wanted to fight, [but] she said, ‘Oh, I’m taking time off. Blah, blah, blah.’ I said OK, perfect. Sometimes I get into these crazy [moods] that I want to fight! I haven’t fought this year. Now we are in October, and my last fight was in November. It just makes me so crazy. I tell [other fighters] I’m not being rude here. I just want to fight. I think women’s MMA is so small that we need to kind of talk to each other sometimes to make [fights] happen. We have no bad blood or anything. I just want to fight. If I could, I would fight little guys but I can’t. So I’ve got to do what I can.”

In her exclusive conversation with Sherdog, Godinez took an in-depth look at her Oct. 30 bout inside the Hartman Arena in Wichita, Kansas, as well as explained the reasoning behind her disinterest in pre-fight strategizing.


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