Uriah Hall Says He Suffered ‘Mini Seizure’, ‘Slight Heart Attack’ Ahead of UFC Fight Night 124

By: Tristen Critchfield
Jan 18, 2018

It was a scary set of circumstances that caused Uriah Hall to miss weigh-ins at UFC Fight Night 124 last week.

Just how scary? According to Hall, the experience was on the verge of being life threatening. “The Ultimate Fighter 17” finalist was scheduled to face Vitor Belfort this past Sunday, but the bout was canceled after Hall was hospitalized prior to weigh-ins.

“It was probably the most traumatic experience I’ve ever had,” Hall said in an Instagram video posted by MMA Focus. “I mean I was in and out of it. I was conscious, but I was unconscious. I knew what was happening but I was fighting over it. I was punching. I think I had a mini seizure and at the same time a slight heart attack. My kidneys were just not good.Like I said it was an injury that I ignored, and my body was just not responsive to it.”

While Hall said that he now feels “almost back to normal,” had he continued the fight week process, his situation could have been even more dire than it was.

“The doctor even said that even if I had made weight I probably would have died the next day because my body just wasn’t having it,” Hall said. “Like I said, I’m never going to ignore my health again. I did it for the fans, I did it to get paid and I did it to make sure I showed up, but at the end of the day your life is not worth it. Regardless of what anybody says, my safety comes first. I know it sucks when you’re prepared. I trained nine weeks for this. I didn’t stop training after the last fight, and that was a problem too.”

Hall says it was an injury that made his weight cut difficult, although he did not reveal the nature of the ailment.

“For the record I did make weight. I just failed to make it to the scale,” he said. “I never had a problem cutting weight. What happened was I ignored some issues that happened prior….It was a harder cut than normal because the injuries I had didn’t allow me to cut the weight properly. As much as I neglected my safety and my health, which the dumbest thing to do, I will never do that again.”

According to UFC President Dana White, Belfort was offered a replacement foe at UFC Fight Night 124 and was also given the option to fight at UFC 220 but turned both options down. The Brazilian then called for a showdown with Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 127 in London this March, but “The Count” declined. For his part, Hall still wants to face Belfort sometime in the future.

“I would love to fight Vitor again if he gets his panties out of a bunch,” Hall said. “I heard he’s complaining. Dude, it’s a fight, sh—t happens. We can definitely scrap again. Obviously, I have to get better, but I would love to fight him. I definitely want to give him a proper retirement fight.”

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