Strikeforce 'Diaz vs. Cyborg' Results & Live Play-by-Play

Jan 29, 2011 will report from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., at 8:15 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of Strikeforce “Diaz vs. Cyborg,” which is headlined by Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos.

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Dave Mandel

Castillo (left) vs. Gellner
Jenna Castillo vs. Charlene Gellner
Round 1
Castillo ties Gellner up against the fence and drills hard, short punches and knees to the liver. Gellner doing her best to fire back in between shots, but it’s all Castillo early. They split and Gellner pulls guard as Castillo goes to tie up again. Castillo tries to stack up and Gellner throws up a triangle, then switches to an armbar. Gellner is forced to abandon the hold when Castillo slams her down.

Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Castillo
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Castillo
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Castillo

Round 2
Castillo using her jab until Gellner shoots in for a single-leg takedown. Castillo resists and winds up in Gellner’s guard. Gellner grabbing for something from the bottom, and Castillo retreats after a few hammerfists. Gellner lands a solid punch and follows with a double-leg attempt, but again Castillo resists, this time grabbing a guillotine. Gellner pulls guard and Castillo jumps into mount, but the striker doesn’t stay there long. Gellner bucks her back to guard and they’re soon back standing. Castillo flicking out kicks and keeping Gellner at range. Gellner shoots a double-leg, gets stuffed and eats a pair of uppercuts. Castillo chases her opponent down and finishes Gellner off with a knee against the fence. Referee Dan Stell jumps in for the save at 3:57 of the second round.

D. Mandel

Terry (left) vs. Gamaza
James Terry vs. Lucas Gamaza
Round 1
Dan Stell is back in the cage to referee this welterweight bout. Terry raises a hand to his opponent at the start of the bout, but Gamaza wants none of it. Gamaza pumping his jab, landing some leg kicks, but eats a hard right from Terry. Now Terry grabs Gamaza in the clinch and drops him with some cracking knees. Gamaza gets back to his feet, finds some space and thuds a kick off the body of Terry. A big right hand floors Gamaza, who pops back up. Terry corners him and stays standing, pushing Gamaza’s head down and punching away. At the 3:26 mark, referee Stell decides he’s seen enough.

Germaine de Randamie vs. Stephanie Webber
Round 1
D. Mandel

De Randamie (right) vs. Webber
Referee “Big” John McCarthy gets his first assignment of the night in this 135-pound bout. Webber comes in for a takedown and is immediately dropped by a right hand from De Randamie. The American survives and pins De Randamie against the fence, but De Randamie keeps a wide base and manages to stay up for a moment. After some struggle, Webber separates her opponent from the fence and drags her down, where De Randamie closes up guard. Webber postures up and tries to mash from the top. De Randamie threatens an armbar, then a triangle, but Webber pops loose. They tie up again and Webber nearly takes De Randamie’s back. They stay up and De Randamie destroys Webber with a huge knee from the clinch. She grazes Webber with a second strike on the way down, but it’s already over. The official time is 4:25
of the first frame.

D. Mandel

Keslar (right) vs. Lawson
Ron Keslar vs. Eric Lawson
Round 1
Josh Rosenthal officiates this 180-pound contest. Lawson pushes Keslar into the cage. Keslar has underhooks scores with a few knees up the middle. Lawson gets the takedown, but Keslar latches on a triangle choke. The submission -- now a triangle-armbar combo -- is coming from an awkward angle, but it’s slowed Lawson down. Lawson appears to be posturing up and defending when Rosenthal waves it off. There’s a moment of confusion in the arena as both fighters stand and walk away. Though few watching could see, Lawson tapped out at 1:57, giving Keslar the submission win.

D. Mandel

Hill (white trunks) vs. Stack
Bobby Stack vs. Isaiah Hill
Round 1
Dan Stell referees this lightweight bout. After an early flurry, Hill catches Stack rushing in and lands a flush flying knee. Stack is dazed and Hill runs right at him with another. Stack survives to get the takedown, but Hill cinches up a lightning-quick triangle choke and forces Stack to tap. The end comes officially at 62 seconds.

Nate Moore vs. Nathan Coy
Round 1
D. Mandel

Moore (right) vs. Coy
John McCarthy returns to referee this welterweight contest, the last bout of the undercard. The pair sling leather early until Moore jumps onto the back of Coy. Moore has one hook in on Coy, who twists loose and drives forward for a single-leg. Coy winds up in side control, then north-south position, where he grabs a loose headlock. Moore gets Coy in front of him and goes for a takedown of his own. Coy tries to turn the corner and leap on Moore’s back, can’t, and settles for the headlock and knees up the middle. Coy drags Moore down against the base of the cage. Moore shrimps and works back to his feet. Coy pulls him down again and begins wailing away with hammerfists from Moore’s open guard. Moore scrambles back up and Coy puts him back in the front headlock to end the round.

Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Coy
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Coy
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Coy

Round 2
Moore crushes Coy with an overhand right and a follow-up left. Coy falls over and rolls to his side, where Moore dives in with one more punch to seal the deal. McCarthy rescues the helpless Coy just 25 seconds into the round.

Roger Gracie vs. Trevor Prangley
Round 1
D. Mandel

Gracie (right) vs. Prangley
Josh Rosenthal is the third man for this 205-pound matchup. Gracie flicks out a jab, then a few inside leg kicks. Prangley connects with a right hand as both men continue to circle cautiously. Left jab from Gracie reddens the nose of Prangley, and Gracie rushes in to clinch behind it. Gracie looks to briefly consider a standing arm-triangle, but opts to shoot a knee up the middle and exit. Prangley gets bowled over by a Gracie double-leg at the base of the fence and turns over, giving up his back. Gracie hops on and Prangley twists around, leaving Gracie in full mount with 90 seconds to go. Prangley pushes off the fence with his feet and Gracie stays glued on, quickly taking the veteran’s back. From there, the jiu-jitsu whiz needs only a few seconds to sink in a textbook rear-naked choke. Prangley taps out at 4:19 of the opening round.

Herschel Walker vs. Scott Carson
Round 1
D. Mandel

Walker (left) vs. Carson
Carson fires off a high kick which glances off Walker and makes the Heisman Trophy winner scream at his foe. Seconds later, Walker drops Carson with a punch and chases him down. Carson rolls, looking for a leg lock, but it doesn’t come and Walker punches under the turtling Carson’s arm. Carson gets back up, but Walker has the rear waist lock and slams him violently back to the canvas. Back to turtling for Carson as Walker punches away, occasionally kneeing to his man’s hind side. Carson’s mouthpiece goes flying. He’s offering nothing in return, simply covering up as Walker throws dozens of shots. Finally, Carson rolls through and tries to establish guard. Walker backs up a few steps and Carson tries to stand.

It’s a bad idea, as Walker steps right back in and folds Carson with a left hand. With Carson in an awkward position against the fence and Walker winding up for further punches, referee Dan Stell leaps in for the save at the 3:13 mark.

Strikeforce Middleweight Championship
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1
John McCarthy is in charge of the evening’s co-main event. Jacare stands in the center as Lawler hops around the outside. No strikes thrown in the first 30 seconds and the crowd begins booing instantly. Lawler finally leaps in with a jumping knee and a caveman left hand. Jacare instantly ties up and drags him to the floor, then moves to side control on Lawler’s right side. The Brazilian is pinning Lawler down, laying his body across his opponent’s chest and pecking away with short punches. Lawler twists and gets to his feet, and escapes from the guillotine Jacare snares him in on his way up. The middleweights are throwing bombs now. Leaping knee from Lawler has Jacare on wobbly legs, and more punches put the champ on his back. Lawler follows him to the mat and Jacare closes up his guard. Jacare grabs the fence and shoves himself away from it, prompting a warning from McCarthy. With 30 seconds to go, the ref stands them up. Lawler lands a liver kick and a few punches, and Jacare shoots forward again. He drags Lawler down right at the horn.

Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Lawler
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Lawler
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Lawler

Round 2
D. Mandel

'Jacare' (red gloves) vs. Lawler.
Both men looking tentative again at the start of the second. Lawler lobs a few kicks before Jacare rushes in and plows him down. Lawler’s back is to the fence as Jacare moves briefly into mount, then gets stuffed back to half-guard. Short, mashing shots coming from Jacare on top. Souza thinks about an arm-triangle, but instead uses the hold to pass to Lawler’s left. Jacare holding Lawler down and piling up right hands to the challenger’s face, which is now showing signs of damage. McCarthy urges them to get busy and Lawler regains his guard, but Souza is soon back to side control. Jacare goes for a leg lock on top, can’t get it, so he stands and transitions to an armbar. That doesn’t work either. Another armbar attempt from the champ fails and Lawler winds up on top as the round ends.

Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Souza
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Souza
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Souza

Round 3
Souza grabs the Thai clinch and scores with a half-dozen knees up the gut. Lawler being pushed against the fence now, defending the takedown. Jacare pulls him down after a moment and drills a hard knee into his challenger’s ribcage. Lawler gives up his back and Jacare instantly jumps on. Souza puts his hooks in, then locks up a body triangle. He slips his left arm under Lawler’s chin for the rear-naked choke and Lawler resists for a few seconds before tapping out. Souza retains his title with the submission at 2:00 of the third round.

Strikeforce Welterweight Championship
Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos

Round 1
Referee Josh Rosenthal is in the cage for the main event. Angry staredown between Diaz and Cyborg, as one would expect. Instantly, Cyborg gets to work with whirling kicks both forward and backward. Hard inside leg kicks coming from the challenger now. Diaz is clearly chatting with his man as they tie up against the cage. It’s a stalemate and they disengage. Diaz getting some right hands through as Cyborg piles on the kicks to the champion’s right leg. Cyborg is chopping the base out from beneath Diaz and lands a nice three-piece flush. Diaz still talking, moving forward, zaps Cyborg with a big left hand. He’s got Santos backed into the cage and starts teeing off, but the Brazilian survives. Diaz landing jabs at will with both hands now and Cyborg is starting to look spent. Still a minute to go as Diaz digs to Santos’ body with punches. Cyborg has abandoned his leg kicks and is now punching, but Diaz is blocking those shots.

Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Santos
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Diaz
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-10

Round 2
Santos back to work with his leg kicks early. Now the challenger throws bombs at Diaz’s head and body as Diaz simply covers up, perhaps attempting to wear Cyborg out. Standing elbow from Santos is answered by a stiff Diaz jab. Diaz now attempting to check Santos’ sporadic leg kicks. Nice one-two lands for Diaz; Cyborg throws an uppercut back. Diaz leans in and drops his hands to his waist, luring Cyborg in. Hard left hand down the pipe by Diaz prompts Santos to go for the first takedown of the fight. He gets it and Diaz closes his guard. Diaz shifts his hips up and latches onto Santos’ right arm, rolling the Brazilian over. He softens Santos up with a few punches to the gut and then fully extends the submission. Santos’ right arm is trapped, but Rosenthal dives in for the technical submission stoppage at 4:50 of the second round. Cyborg is clearly upset, but doesn’t protest the finish.

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