Norma Dumont Won’t Rule Out Another Fight at 145 Pounds, But Bantamweight Still a Goal

By: Tristen Critchfield
May 24, 2021

Norma Dumont looked pretty comfortable competing at 145 pounds on Saturday night.

However, even after upsetting former title challenger Felicia Spencer in a featured bout at UFC Fight Night 188, the 30-year-old Brazilian maintains that bantamweight is her ideal destination. Staying active is also a goal, which could mean that Dumont accepts another featherweight fight if the opportunity arises. A transition to 135 pounds will require more time and preparation.

I do want to go down to 135 pounds,” Dumont said. “Actually, I want to fight as soon as possible. We are going to sit down next week, talk about what’s next for me and decide whether I should stay in this division or not.

“If we do decide to go to 135 pounds, I know I’ll need four or five months because it’s hard work. Maybe I’ll take one more fight in this division… I’m strong for this division too, so I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but, yeah, we’ll sit down, organize our thoughts and also see what UFC offers us.”

Dumont gave her best performance to date against Spencer, as she denied the majority of her opponent’s attempts to close the distance while landing quick punching combinations and consistently angling out of danger.

“I felt she was a little desperate when she started trying to get a takedown. I saw that she didn’t have the strength to take me down, that her takedowns weren’t going to connect, so I started signaling to her that it wasn’t going to work, that her kicks weren’t going to get me, that my reflex is really good, my feint game and my legs are really agile, so I’m hard to hit,” Dumont said. “I started pointing out to her that I was seeing her moves and I saw that she was starting to get desperate, moving forward and I ended up counter striking more because I needed her to be more exposed. In a game of counter strikers, whoever breaks the other’s mind first wins the fight.”

Dumont slowed somewhat in the third round, allowing Spencer to end the last moments of the fight in top position. That made for a few tense moments when the final verdict was announced, but the Team Rules representative ultimately emerged with a split-decision triumph.

“I wasn’t completely confident I had won,” she said. “I knew it was a tough fight, I knew I had to push the pace and play the game. I have a tendency of upping my game in each round so even though it was a tough fight, I have this tendency of putting more pressure on the second and the third.

“In the end of the third, I started getting a little tired so I decided to hold the fight a little bit. I didn’t know if I was winning. I saw that I had damaged her more, she didn’t hurt me at all, but really, in there, in such a hard-fought fight, it’s hard to tell who is winning.”

Dumont has already come a long way since her debut, when she suffered a first-round knockout loss to Megan Anderson at UFC Fight Night 169 in February 2020. Since then, she has scored back-to-back triumphs over Ashlee Evans-Smith and Spencer to establish herself as a person of interest in the UFC – no matter the division.

“It’s a win that puts me in a really good place with myself,” Dumont said. “I’m a fighter that doesn’t have many fights yet, this was just my seventh, and I’ve only faced tough opponents. In the UFC, I’ve only had tough opponents and this win puts me in a different level. I’m anxious and excited about my next steps in the UFC.”

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