Mike Jackson Defends Antics at UFC 225 After Being Blasted by UFC President Dana White

By: Nathan Zur
Jun 11, 2018

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White didn’t hold back when asked what he thought of the fight which kicked off the main card at UFC 225 on Saturday night featuring Phil Brooks -- better known as “CM Punk” -- and Mike Jackson.

White had previously defended the decision to have Punk and Jackson included on the main card instead of the high-profile heavyweight match between Alistair Overeem and Chicago native Curtis Blaydes. White had stated that Punk’s inclusion was purely a business decision as the former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar has a greater pull when it comes to pay-per-view sales compared to the other fighters on the card.

While Jackson easily won the fight, it was the manner of his win that drew the ire from White. Jackson was playing around with Punk as if he was mocking the former WWE star and the UFC president didn’t mince his words during the UFC 225 post-fight press conference.

“Michael Jackson, I’m not happy with,” White said. “This guy was acting like a goofball tonight. You get this opportunity to fight CM Punk and you’re doing like bolo punches to the body on top? Never looked like he was trying to finish the fight ever, right? Looked like he could have finished the fight a few times. Never tried. I don’t know what that guy did for a living before we gave him this shot, but whatever it was he needs to go back and do that again. He’s 0-2 as far as I’m concerned.”

White was blunt in Jackson’s future inside the Octagon.

“That’s it for his UFC career,” White said. “I wouldn’t put that kid in the Contender Series.”

“I got the sense that he’s a complete fucking idiot and I couldn’t wait for that fight to end and I regretted not putting it on Fight Pass,” White said. “That’s how I felt about it.”

Jackson who was heavily criticized on social media for how he conducted himself during the fight attempted to diffuse the situation by posting his thoughts on his performance.

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