Jeremy Kennedy Not Focusing on Points In Second PFL Appearance

By: Cole Shelton
Jul 23, 2019

Jeremy Kennedy’s PFL debut lasted just 23 seconds, as he was knocked out by Luis Rafael Laurentino on May 23.

With the loss, the Canadian now has zero points and must win to earn a spot in the playoffs. Yet, a win alone might not do it as he may need a finish, depending on how the other fights play out. But Kennedy is not thinking about the points. Instead, he is just focusing on his game and just winning his fight against Steven Siler on Thursday night.

“That is a big thing I am not focusing on. I’m not trying to change the way I fight. I was thinking I’m going to get six points and fought stupidly in the first one. This one, it is a one off for me. I’m fighting Steven Siler, that is it. I just need to win,” Kennedy said to “I can’t guess and speculate with the points and who is going to win. At bare minimum I will have three points, hopefully I will have six. I’m just letting it happen organically as wherever the chips fall they will.”

Something going Kennedy’s way, however, is the fact that he is the first fight of the night. Afterward, he can stick around and watch the other fights and see how it all plays out. If he was the last fight, he would know if he needed a finish by that time, which might cause him to be reckless.

“It is nice because I am just going to go there and do my job and sit back and watch how it all unfolds. That is why I am not hunting for a finish. Just fighting this fight and then sit back with my team and watch the fights,” he explained.

Regardless, Kennedy is just confident in his skills and believes he ends up with three points in the PFL standings — at a minimum — at the end of the night.

“He is durable and hard to put away but I think I am more technical everywhere. If the finish happens, perfect. If not, I win a decision. I just want to get my hand raised,” he concluded.

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