Garry Tonon Outpoints Rival Dillon Danis in Polaris 5 Main Event

By: Mike Sloan
Aug 19, 2017
When the two first locked horns back at ADCC 2015, Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis weren’t exactly the best of friends. A heel hook submission for Tonon occurred that day and in the two years leading up to their Polaris 5 main event battle inside Indigo at O2 Arena in London, there certainly weren’t any changes of heart in their UFC Fight Pass-televised battle.

Tonon was amped to submit his rival again and “The Lion Killer” was relentless with his attacks. He repeatedly had Dillon on the defensive with a cornucopia of leg locks. Whether it was the heel hook, the toe fold or the straight knee bar, Tonon did everything he could to force the tap. To his credit, Danis never succumbed to the submissions but he was never able to get his own offense going. For that reason alone, all three matside judges favored Tonon, who won via unanimous decision.

Longtime mixed martial arts veteran Jake Shields did just enough to eke past Dan Strauss in the Polaris 5 co-feature, though the fight wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Shields took the bulkier Brit down early but was stuck in Strauss’ guard throughout. Strauss tried a few sub attempts off his back, but the San Francisco native fended them all off. A takedown late in the fight sealed the win for Shields, who won via majority decision.

Vitor Ribeiro was masterful in his no-gi bout with longtime MMA vet and Japanese legend Caol Uno, eventually putting his opponent to sleep several minutes into their match. “Shaolin” nearly got Uno in a triangle off his back, but when Uno thwarted that attack, the Brazilian switched to a kimura and then armbar. Uno again defended perfectly but eventually fell into a deep rear-naked choke. Uno never tapped and eventually went to sleep.

In other results, Phil Harris edged Brad Pickett via split decision; A.J. Agazarm submitted Lloyd Cooper with a bow-and-arrow choke; Oliver Taza toppled Ross Nicholls via unanimous nod; Sam Cook unanimously edged Vanessa English; Bradley Hill out-pointed Tommi Pulkkanen via split nod; Valmyr Neto subbed Masakazu Imanari with a heel hook; Tuomas Simola beat Jamie Scott by unanimous verdict; River Dillon heel hooked Miha Perhavec; Ffion Davis unanimously out-pointed Elvira Karppinen.
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