Doctor: ‘Jacare’ Will Need 6 Months to Recover from Broken Humerus Suffered at UFC 262

By: Marcelo Alonso
May 18, 2021

Ronaldo Souza underwent surgery on Monday to repair the broken humerus he suffered against Andre Muniz at UFC 262.

According to his Brazilian doctor Rickson Moraes, who followed the process from Rio de Janeiro, the procedure was a success and “Jacare” will be ready to return in six months.

“I just did a video call with him and saw the X-ray. The surgery was excellent. They placed two plates to fix the bones. The team that did the surgery will evaluate, but normally that type of fracture takes around six months for a complete recovery,” Moraes told

Moraes also compared “Jacare’s” surgery to the procedure underwent by Chris Weidman, who suffered a broken leg at UFC 261 last month.

“Both Weidman and Ronaldo have a fracture in the diaphysis of the bone (tibia and humerus). Both cases tend have excellent returns,” he said. “The problem is when the break affects articulations. It was not what happened with Ronaldo and Weidman.”   

  Nova Unaio leader Andre Pederneiras, who manages and corners Souza, told that he was impressed that his fighter didn’t feel any pain when the fracture occurred.

“‘Jacare’ told me that the referee stopped the fight when heard the bone pop,” Pederneiras said. “But he knew what happened when he stood up and felt the arm go totally limp.”

  It’s not the first time “Jacare” has suffered a broken arm in combat sports competition. He had his left arm broken for not tapping against Roger Gracie in the 2004 World Championship Jiu-Jitsu finals. Souza allowed his arm to break so he could win the match on points.

  The image of “Jacare” with the left arm raised and the right in a cast was the cover page of Tatame Magazine that month and is still considered one of the best jiu-jitsu matches of all time. The following year, Gracie and “Jacare” would face each other again in the finals of the ADCC absolute division. This time, without the gi, the Gracie would win via rear-naked choke — the only time “Jacare” tapped in an official competition.

“Only a jiu-jitsu practitioner knows the importance of ‘Jacare’ in the history of our sport. I´ll never forget when I was just a blue belt and asked him to take a picture with me at the World Jiu-Jitsu competition, and he treated me so well,” Muniz told “After he beat Roger in that historical fight in 2004, ‘Jacare’ proved to me and many others that anyone could be a champion. That´s why I´m truly praying for him to have a quick recovery.”

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