Chris Weidman Shares X-Ray Photos from Broken Leg, Says Surgery Was a Success

By: Tristen Critchfield
Apr 27, 2021

Chris Weidman is on the road to recovery.

The former middleweight champion shared X-ray photos from the gruesome broken leg he suffered after landing a leg kick against Uriah Hall in the opening seconds of their UFC 261 bout at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla., on Saturday.

Weidman underwent a successful procedure to repair the injury on Sunday and will return home on Tuesday after spending a few days in the hospital.

“Before and after X-rays of this nightmare. Special thanks to Dr. Gitlin for performing a successful surgery and being so helpful during the entire process. Also, a big thank you to Dr. Davidson from the [UFC] for making sure I was taken care of properly and speaking to these doctors on my behalf,” Weidman wrote on Instagram. “It made me feel so much better having him involved because I know he had my back. The primary concern is the bone punctured through my calf and skin when I put my weight on it, making sure the laceration doesn't get infected.”

In a separate video posted over the weekend, Weidman said it could take six to 12 months before he is able to resume training. “The All-American” had a titanium rod inserted into his leg as part of the surgery.

“I think it’s gonna be eight weeks until I can walk without crutches and stuff, and drive and all that,” Weidman said. “And then as far as actually training, I don’t know. They said between six and 12 months, I’ll be good to go. I’m trying to find the blessing in disguise, the silver lining of this.

“Honestly, as soon as it happened and I hit the floor and seen what happened to my leg and the pain started hitting me, I was just trying to put my mind on something positive that’s gonna come out of this. Hopefully, something’s gonna come out of this that’s good. But man, this is not fun, I can’t believe it happened.”

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