Boxing: Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev Play-by-Play, Results & Round Scoring

By: Mike Sloan
Nov 2, 2019
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Canelo Alvarez and Sergey Kovalev will not enter the ring Saturday night until the UFC 244 main event has concluded. Estimated fight start time: 1 a.m. ET/10 p.m. PT.

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Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev

Round 1

Russell Mora is our referee for this World Boxing Organization light heavyweight encounter. Canelo Alavraez is looking to become the fourth current or former middleweight champion to become light heavyweight world champion and the second boxer in history to hold world titles in three weight classes simultaneously. Will he do it? The crowd is loaded with Canelo fans but Kovalev looks ready to go. The bell sounds and here we go. Kovalev comes out with the jab and is backing Canelo up. A right misses for the Russian but Canelo doesn’t make him pay. Kovalez continues with the jab; Canelo misses a powerful left hook. Jabs, jabs, jabs and a right to the head for Kovalev. Canelo is just sizing him up, looking to feel him out. They trade punches at the bell. It’s all Kovalev in a feeling-out opening round. 10-9 Kovalev.

Round 2

Kovalev paws with eh jab repeatedly early in the second. Canelo misses a wild left hook. A few more jabs from the Russian and Canelo again misses a left hook. Canelo continues to move forward, all the while blocking and parrying jabs. A hard left hook to the body for Canelo, who is now making Kovalev move backward. A hard left through the guard for the Mexican after landing a right hook to the body. Kovalev closes the round nicely with jabs and a glancing right through the guard. It’s a closer round but Kovalev takes it. 10-9 Kovalev.

Round 3

Kovalev goes right back to the jab early, peppering Canelo with it. Canelo lands a hard counter right cross but Kovalev shakes it off. More jabs from the Russian, but Canelo fires a few of his own off. A counter left for Canelo with a minute left. Kovalev continues to jab and move. Canelo comes inside and goes with a right, but he eats a short left hook and then a jab. Canelo with a three-punch combo at the bell, but he misses. It's another very close, tactical round that could go either way. Canelo’s aggressiveness wins it. 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 4

Kovalev moves backward with his left jab. Canelo following him around and looking to get inside. A nice right to the head for Canelo, but he swallows a left in return. They trade jabs and just as Kovalev looks to throw a right, he winds up tying the Mexican up. A hard eft to the body for Kovalev, but Canelo continues to move in. Canelo eats a pair of jabs before landing a right to the chest. Kovalev remains very active with his jab but they aren’t hard punches at all. Canelo lands two hard, glancing left hooks up top late. Canelo fires off a stinging left to the body late. Kovalev was busier and takes the third. 10-9 Kovalev.

Round 5

Kovalev picks up with the jabs early on in the fifth. Sergey with a right to the ribs, and then avoids a left hook to the head. Canelo takes three jabs before digging a nasty left hook to the body. A triple jab, then a left hook from the Russian. Canelo is wading low and looking to get inside. A right to the face from Kovalev before he ties Canelo up. Canelo tags his foe with a loopy left hook, but Kovalev takes it well. Kovalev avoids another left hook and then digs a right to the gut. Another close round but Kovalev was simply busier and landed more shots. 10-9 Kovalev.

Round 6

Canelo takes a glancing right to the head and then fires a hard right to the body in return. Canelo is much more assertive early and applying a lot of pressure. Kovalev is backing away and tossing out the jab, but he looks a little uncomfortable now. Canelo misses a powerful right-left hook upstairs. Kovalev ties him up briefly but then goes back to the jab. Saul lands a sharp left to the mug and then a right to the body. Kovalev bumps into the ropes and is tagged by a left hook. Canelo is has taken over the fight late in the sixth. Five jabs from Kovalev late but they are all blocked. 10-9 Canelo.

Round 7

Kovalev with a few jabs early on but he takes a stiff jab from the Mexican. Canelo has found a rhythm with his jab now and is landing almost at will at the moment. Alvarez digs a left hook to the body and Kovalev backs away. Canelo eats a jab and then forces the Russian back with a left hook to the head. Kovalev with two jabs and then misses a missile of a right hook. Canelo cracks his foe with a left hook to the head and then body late. Kovalev is trying to get his jab back, but Canelo’s lands first. 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 8

Kovalev with a jab and then a loopy overhand right up top. Canelo ducks down and tags Sergey with a right to the body. Kovalev is backing away and looking to re-establish his jab, but he’s starting to slow down and breathe a little heavier now. Kovalev finally cracks the Mexican with a stinging right-left, his best punches in several rounds. Canelo is now moving as Kovalev is chasing him down. Canelo backs into a corner. He hasn’t let his hands go in a minute and seems to be either taking the round off or he’s hurt and hiding it. The crowd is actually booing now with about a minute left. A few jabs land from Kovalev just before the bell. 10-9 Kovalev.

Round 9

Kovalev with jabs early and then an overhand right. Canelo lands a hard left hook to the body and then Kovalev is wanted for ramming his shoulder into Saul’s face. Kovalev lands a sharp right-left to the face but Canelo shrugs it off. Another right by the Russian but Canelo comes right back with a left to the gut. Kovalev with a left hook to the face, followed by one from Canelo. Canelo turns with a nasty left hook to ease the pain and then rips his opponent with a left hook to the liver. A triple jab and then a right to the head from Kovalev late. It’s another close round but the Dagestan native takes it. 10-9 Kovalev.

Round 10

Canelo opens the 10th with a left hook, but Kovalev fires a series of jabs. Canelo is applying much more pressure early as the Russian backs away. Canelo backs Kovalev into a corner and they trade punches. "Krusher" backs out and then tags the Mexican star with a right and then a left to the face. Canelo whiffs with a huge left hook. Sergey digs a left to the body while Canelo lands a glancing right to the head. Kovalev is backing away again and tapping Canelo with the jabs. Kovalev with a sharp right to the face and he takes the 10th. 10-9 Kovalev.

Round 11

Kovalev with a series of jabs early but Canelo is in his face, digging punches to the body. Canelo with an uppercut on the inside and then a right over the top. Kovalev backs away and rests his jab. Canelo is pressing him into the ropes and very aggressive. Three jabs from Sergey, but Alvarez pops him with a left hook. A left-right to the face from Krusher, but Canelo comes right back with a left to the body and then a right downstairs. Kovalev backs into the ropes and Canelo lands a hard right to the head. Kovalev backs way and Canelo blasts him with a massive left hook, and then a right cross. Kovalev spins around into the ropes and he is out cold! Huge KO for Canelo, who is the new light heavyweight champ.

The Official Result

Saul Alvarez def. Sergey Alvarez via KO at 2:15 for R11 to capture the WBO light heavyweight title.
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