Association of Boxing Commissions Approves Addition of Four New Weight Classes for MMA

By: Tristen Critchfield
Jul 26, 2017
The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports on Wednesday voted unanimously to adopt four new weight classes to mixed martial arts.

The new divisions added to the Unified Rules of MMA during the annual ABC convention in Connecticut are as follows: super lightweight (165 pounds), super welterweight (175 pounds), super middleweight (195 pounds) and cruiserweight (225 pounds).

The adoption of the new weight classes does not mean that MMA promotions will be required to add those divisions at any time. California State Athletic Commission executive officer Andy Foster initially proposed the new weight classes as part of his 10-point plan to curb extreme weight cutting.

“Just because cruiserweight now exists doesn’t mean that the UFC or Bellator or anybody else has to put in a cruiserweight division,” ABC chairman of the rules and regulations committee Sean Wheelock told “MMA promotions run their own belts -- you can do a title at a 162.2 pounds if you want.”


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