Andrea Lee: Husband Donny Aaron Considering Options to Cover Up Nazi Tattoos

By: Tristen Critchfield
Jun 5, 2018

Over the weekend, UFC fighter Andrea Lee found herself embroiled in controversy after it became public knowledge that her husband, Donny Aaron, had Nazi tattoos on both arms.

The images came to light after Lee posted photos of herself and Aaron during a trip to the lake. Aaron would issue an apology via social media on Sunday, where he claimed that the images were scars from a “dark time” in his past when he was imprisoned. He also said that he had looked into coverups and laser removal but “neither is an option for me.” Of course, those remarks only served to draw further criticism from the MMA community.

Lee, who also apologized after initially calling critics of her husband “sensitive ass mofos” in a post that has since been deleted, further addressed the situation on the Slip ’n Dip Podcast.

“I took a picture with my husband and he has some embarrassing tattoos. He has a swastika on his arm. He’s normally careful about posting pictures but he posted our lake pictures on Twitter and people zoomed in on his tattoos and saw the swastika and they started commenting and posting hateful stuff,” Lee said. “He saw it immediately and he was upset and I saw it and everybody was turning on me because he’s my husband and I’m standing next to him so obviously I must be a racist and a Nazi.”

Lee says that she had the same questions about the tattoos when she first met Aaron and asked him why he didn’t do something to cover them up.

“When I met Donny, I asked him about the tattoos because I was curious as well and he told me his story and he was talking about how he changed. I even asked him why wouldn’t he cover them up? I felt the same way. Maybe you should cover them up but he says that it looks terrible already and it would just make it worse. I don’t know. I can’t make him do it. I can’t make him throw something on there.

However, Lee claims that Aaron is now reconsidering his options regarding a coverup that could look tasteful.

“Actually, him and I just had the talk earlier,” Lee said. “We were discussing it, trying to find someone who could cover it up and maybe make it look good, make it not look trashier than it already is. We’re gonna talk about it and see what happens. We talked about it before at the beginning. Neither one of us has really discussed it. He always wears long sleeves and he’s always very careful with his arms showing. We went out to the lake and he got careless. We’ll discuss it more.”

As for her own career, Lee should be secure with the UFC. She is coming off a victory in her Octagon debut against Veronica Macedo at UFC Fight Night 129 on May 19.

“The UFC, we’ve talked to them to get everything smoothed over as well so I’m not gonna get cut, guys,” Lee said. “I don’t see why they should cut me over someone else’s - I was like 12 when he got those tattoos. I didn’t even know who he was then and when I came into the picture he was a completely changed person he just has it on his body still there.”

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