Newton Decisions Carter; Wooley Takes W-1 Title

By: Freddie DeFreitas and Al Quintero
Oct 11, 2009
GATINEAU, Quebec -- Carlos Newton earned a unanimous decision against fellow UFC veteran Shonie Carter at W-1 “High Voltage” Saturday at the Robert Guertin Arena.

The bout, originally scheduled for the promotion’s welterweight title, was whittled down to a three-round affair after Newton was unable to make the 170-pound cut-off. To make matters worse, Newton missed the agreed catch weight by five pounds, forcing him to surrender another chunk of his purse to Carter.

“The Ronin” overcame a slow start, which had enabled Carter to connect with the lion’s share of strikes throughout the opening five minutes. An inadvertent clash of heads opened a cut on Newton’s nose, but it proved to be inconsequential.

Newton, fighting his third bout in Canada in 14 years, turned the pressure up in the second round and found success with punch combinations that forced Carter to back-peddle. Carter survived a myriad of submissions volleyed at him by the former UFC welterweight champion once the bout hit the canvas, but could not find an answer for his opponent’s advances. Newton was awarded identical scores of 29-28.

“I came out to do my job to the best of my ability and I came up a little short this time,” said Carter. “Carlos is a most worthy opponent -- he should be in the hall of fame and I think that his time will come.”

Adrian Wooley was dominant through five rounds en route to capturing the W-1 featherweight title against previously unbeaten Remi "Bam Bam" Morvan. A decorated wrestler, Wooley shut out Morvan on the scorecards (50-45, 50-45, and 50-44), even earning a 10-8 round from one judge along the way.

Despite a sizeable reach advantage, Morvan was unable to utilize his striking to keep the shorter wrestler at bay, and Wooley was easily able to close the distance. Once inside, the former TKO bantamweight champion would employ his dominant ground game to stifle any offense Morvan attempted from the bottom. Much to the displeasure of the partisan crowd, Morvan had no answer for the unyielding pressure from Wooley.

Tom Waters walked away with a unanimous decision over Mike Hong in a bout that saw plenty of leather thrown, but little damage sustained by either fighter. Hong landed the crisper strikes, but Waters utilized takedowns and held top position in rounds one and two.

Sensing he was down on the judges’ cards, Hong attempted to pick up the pace in the third round, attacking Waters with strikes that forced him to retreat. However, it wasn’t enough to sway the judges.

Bruno Hosier bested newcomer Aaron Dupuis in a technically lacking affair, earning a submission from strikes 3:20 into the first round. Hosier threw looping, telegraphed punches from his waist until a brief timeout was called to replace his torn glove.

Once restarted, Hosier muscled Dupuis to the floor where he literally sat on his opponent with his back against the fence, plugging away with hammerfists to the head and body. Dupuis, trapped in the odd position, could take no more and tapped out to strikes.

Nabil Khatib took early control in his fight with Chris Vorano, utilizing a heavy top game on the ground before sinking in the guillotine choke from mount, then flipped to his back for the submission at 4:06 into the first round.

Mitch Gagnon took muay Thai specialist Jeff Harrison out of his element and locked in a rear-naked choke on the Ottawa native for the finish 4:32 into the first round.

John Fraser wasted little time taking Tommy Pariseau to the ground and used an unrelenting attack to find the rear-naked choke 3:44 into the first round.

Luc Nadeau survived an early assault from Rob Tracey, then put Tracey on his back for the technical knockout from strikes in mount at 4:48 of the first round, while Josh Hill picked up his first MMA win by dropping Vito Attanasi with a stunning right hook and follow-up punches 1:42 into the second round.

Xavier Desrochers submitted Nicolas Pariseau with an armbar 3:17 into the second round for his second career victory.

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