Sherdog’s Top 10: Fastest Finishes in Invicta Fighting Championships History - No. 10

By: Brian Knapp
Mar 23, 2018

10. Veronica Rothenhausler def. Katalina Malungahu
Invicta Fighting Championships 4
Jan. 5, 2013 | Kansas City, Kansas

Team Alpha Male’s Rothenhausler could not have made a stronger first impression in her professional MMA debut, as she knocked out Malungahu in 72 seconds at Memorial Hall. Neither woman seemed willing to cede ground to the other. They threw caution -- and defense -- to the wind by winging power punches at one another. A little more than a minute into the first round, Rothenhausler pawed with jabs and fired a devastating straight right down the middle. Malungahu absorbed the full impact and hit the deck dazed, confused and defenseless. Referee Rob Hinds arrived on the scene and called for the stoppage before Rothenhausler could cause further damage.

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