Sitdown: Mac Danzig

Jun 8, 2014

When Mac Danzig announced he was hanging up the MMA gloves. he did so with a prescience few other fighters possess. Danzig is a student of the game and of humanity, of their strengths and their weaknesses, their cruelties and blessings.

The winner of the sixth season of the Ultimate Fighter carved out a place for himself as a lightweight when the UFC had iced the division, and found his way in trumping wet-behind-the-ears welterweights on the reality show, a show that seemed at total odds with his introverted and reclusive personality.

Danzig is worried about taking too many shots and not being all there for his young daughter, and could feel the evidence that he should retire pile up after a 13-year career. He would get knocked out too easily in training, and it felt like a button had been pushed or a switch had been flipped.

On the latest edition of the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind," Danzig joins host Jack Encarnacao for a Sitdown chat to discuss his career and perspectives on fighting, making money, eschewing money, taking punishment, giving punishment, and staying true to yourself when your life's calling is in the rear view mirror.

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