Jordan Breen Show: Lembo and Sloan

Jul 10, 2008

Jordan Breen returned to the Sherdog Radio Network on Thursday and was joined by counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board Nick Lembo and columnist Mike Sloan.

Breen and Lembo discuss the recent Association of Boxing Commissions meeting and the rule amendments which resulted, including elbows, strikes to the back of the head, piledrivers, foot stomps and the greatly controversial proposed new weight classes. Breen and Lembo also discuss judging in the wake of the Quinton Jackson (Pictures)-Forrest Griffin (Pictures) bout, and what MMA needs in order to achieve better judging.

Breen talks to Sloan about recent allegations of fabricated quotes from the "New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni (Pictures), and gives his side of the story.

Breen also previews the MMA weekend ahead, including cards from Cage Rage, Cage Warriors and Fury FC.

Education and regulation on the Sherdog Radio Network!

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