JBS: Joe Warren & Nick Ring

May 28, 2009

Jordan Breen returned to the Sherdog Radio Network on Thursday, and was joined by Dream featherweight semi-finalist Joe Warren and Calgarian prospect Nick Ring.

Warren, who guaranteed victory over Japanese superstar Norifumi Yamamoto on the JBS last Thursday, returned to the show to discuss the momentous victory in his his second MMA bout. Warren talks about the role his friends and family have played, his views on his fellow GP semi-finalists, an interesting exchange with Matt Hume, and mowing the lawn.

Ring, a former Pride Auditions winner, discusses his return to MMA action after three years away from the sport. Ring discusses his opponent Isidro Gonzalez, Bellator, pizza, provincial politics, western Canadian accents, Lady Gaga and more.

Breen also breaks down the weekend of MMA ahead with cards from Bellator, Superior Challenge, War Gods and more.

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