Randy “The Natural” Couture and Ryan Couture Host Kountermove Fantasy MMA “It Ain’t Chemo” Charity Tournament

Feb 3, 2012
(PRESS RELEASE) -- San Francisco, CA. – February 2, 2012 – Kountermove is very proud to announce that Randy “The Natural” Couture and his son Ryan Couture will be hosting a Kountermove charity tournament during UFC® 143 to benefit the ‘It Ain’t Chemo’ foundation. The charity aids families with loved ones that are battling cancer.

The tournament, Randy Couture's "It Ain't Chemo" Charity Tournament has a $1,500 prize pool and top prize of $540. The entry fee is $10. All Kountermove proceeds from the tournament will be donated to ‘It Ain’t Chemo.’

‘It Ain't Chemo’ is an organization that provides cancer patients with comfort and care supplies, advice, and emotional support. Founded by firefighter and cancer survivor Kevin Hoyt, the charity raises awareness for its cause through the endorsements of local and national celebrities including Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Martin Kampmann, Clay Guida, Kevin Randleman and many others.

According to Aaron Ard, co-founder of Kountermove, “We are thrilled to put together a tournament hosted by Randy and Ryan Couture for such a worthy cause. All proceeds from the 165 player Kountermove tournament will go to ‘It Aint Chemo’ to benefit families with loved ones going through chemotherapy.”

Kountermove’s fantasy MMA games work very similar to fantasy football. Members draft a team of fighters and compete with that team against other Kountermove players in their league. Members have a $25,000 “salary cap” when drafting their fantasy team of fighters, each fighter has a “salary” designated by Kountermove. Members choose from free or entry fee games of varying sizes.

Winners and losers are then determined by fantasy points earned based on each fighter’s performance – strikes landed, submission attempts, knockdowns, dominant positions, rounds won, and knockout or submission bonuses.

After each event, Kountermove updates game results by listing the points members received for that event, the rankings, and prize pool winners. All entry fees are added into a prize pool that is divided among the league’s winners at the end of the game. Visit www.kountermove.com for full details on the Kountermove fantasy MMA scoring system.

To enter Randy Couture's "It ain't Chemo" Kountermove Charity Tournament please log on to www.kountermove.com, click on the tournament link, and draft your Fantasy MMA team! Have fun playing fantasy MMA while giving back to those in need!

For more information on Kountermove please visit www.kountermove.com or follow Kountermove on twitter @kountermove.

About Kountermove:

Kountermove, Inc. is backed by MMA legend Randy “The Natural” Couture and is currently the world's leading fantasy MMA website. Kountermove is fun, friendly, fair, and legal. Fans win cash prizes by drafting teams of MMA fighters in salary cap-style fantasy games. Beyond that, it also provides a compelling platform for interaction between fighters and fans. To find out more about Kountermove please visit www.kountermove.com. Fans can also follow Kountermove on Twitter at twitter.com/kountermove or like Kountermove on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kountermove.

About ‘It Ain’t Chemo’:

It Ain’t Chemo™ is a boots on the ground non-profit (applied for) organization in Las Vegas, Nevada that directly supplies patients with comfort items, advice and emotional support. Launched in January 2010 by Kevin Hoyt, cancer survivor and Las Vegas resident, the idea for It Ain´t Chemo™ came about in 2002 when after a very bad day Hoyt said, "Well, it ain't chemo." As a member of the fire service for more than 20 years, including four years in the United States Air Force, Hoyt brings his firefighting heritage into play by going directly to the people who are suffering. While holding no contempt for organizations that commit funds to research, Team It Ain´t Chemo™ is a hands-on response-type of organization.

Operating completely anonymously for the past four years, Hoyt personally visits cancer patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or who are confined to their homes. With the permission of their doctors, Hoyt brings them what he now calls IAC™ Packs containing blankets vitamins, books, movies, tips and advice on dealing with cancer treatment side effects. Hoyt also provides patients with his own personal contact information to let them know that he will be there if they need him, any time...day or night.

Key Links:

Randy Couture's "It Ain't Chemo" Charity Tourney. http://www.kountermove.com/join/2478-randy-coutures-it-aint-chemo-charity-tourney-on-ufc-143-diaz-vs-condit-T-10/

How It Works: https://www.kountermove.com/pages/how_it_works/

Scoring: https://www.kountermove.com/pages/scoring/

It Ain't Chemo: http://www.itaintchemo.com/

Media Contact:

Melissa Ingram

(602) 434-5055

[email protected]

Twitter: @ingrampr

Kountermove Contact: Aaron Ard, co-founder [email protected] Twitter: @kountermove

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