Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo Signs Multi-Fight Deal with Gladiator Challenge

Feb 25, 2013
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Woodlake, CA. – February 21, 2013 – Gladiator Challenge confirmed today that 2008 Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo has signed a multi-fight deal with long time running, California based mixed martial arts promoter Tedd Williams. Cejudo will make his debut with Gladiator Challenge on March 24, 2013 at The Soboba Casino Outdoor Arena in San Jacinto, CA.

Cejudo has been evaluating promoters for several months, and was looking for a consistent and stable platform to gain fight experience, a promoter with a track record of helping to build world class athletes, and a plan to enhance and expand their brand. Cejudo was convinced that Gladiator Challenge was such a company, particularly with their newly formed partnership with business executive Bruce Kopitar.

According to Tedd Williams, Chief Operations Officer of Gladiator Challenge, “We are very excited that Henry Cejudo will be joining our organization. To have such a rare talent as an Olympic gold medalist join Gladiator Challenge to begin his career in mixed martial arts is a tremendous opportunity for our company, and we believe for Henry Cejudo. Cejudo had many options open to him, as multiple promoters were clamoring to sign him, but he chose to fight for us. Cejudo recognized the many positive changes underway as a result of the recent change in ownership of Gladiator Challenge, and felt confident that this was a good home to begin his fight career.

According to Henry Cejudo, “It was very important to me to join an organization that has an established track record of helping young fighters grow into world class athletes and champions. Gladiator Challenge has been a home to such fighters as Quinton Jackson, Rashad Evans, Urijah Faber, Tyson Griffin, Chael Sonnen, Michael McDonald, and many others. I want to fight for a credible organization and face high caliber opponents. Gladiator Challenge is that organization, and has made that commitment to me.

Cejudo went on to say, “Gladiator Challenge will provide me with a consistent platform to grow as a fighter, and has made a substantial commitment to me so that I may gain the necessary experience to become a world champion. After our discussions with Bruce Kopitar and Tedd Williams, I was sold on the exciting new direction of the company, and how it would be a great fit for me to launch my MMA career. The promotion has a huge following and I love to compete. I’m ready and can’t wait to put on a show.”

Henry is just one of many exciting fighters that will be appearing on this fight card scheduled for March 24, 2013 at the Soboba Casino Outdoor Arena. According to Mr. Williams, it will be one of the company’s most impressive fight cards to date. Gladiator Challenge will be announcing the full fight card, as well as additional details about the event, in the coming weeks. To learn more about Gladiator Challenge, please visit www.gladiatorchallenge.com, and visit us on Facebook and You Tube.

About Henry Cejudo Olympic gold medalist and author, Henry Cejudo, achieved his dream of becoming an Olympic gold medalist at just 21 years old. Henry made history by becoming the youngest American wrestler to bring home the gold. The American born son of undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Cejudo spent his early years in fear of his criminal father and immigration officials. He struggled to find consistency in his chaotic world as he fought for survival on and off the wrestling mat. His amazing story of determination and triumph has won the hearts of America. A story that was captured by Henry Cejudo and Bill Plaschke in a book titled “American Victory.” Many have expressed that Cejudo represents everything that is right with this country and that his journey embodies the ethos of the American Dream. Henry continues to achieve his dreams through his work with numerous charities. To learn more about Henry Cejudo visit his website at www.henrycejudo.com. We also encourage fans to follow Henry on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.

About Gladiator Challenge Gladiator Challenge, based out of Apple Valley, California, is a regional promoter which has produced over 160 mixed martial arts events since it was established in 1999. Gladiator Challenge long sense consider to be pioneers in the sport of Mix Martial Arts, are highly dedicated to driving the growth of mixed martial arts through the production of high quality MMA events and by effectively showcasing tomorrow legends today. The company takes pride in putting the fans and fighters first. Executives within the organization are committed to producing impressive fight cards with extremely competitive matchups. They are also very passionate about their philanthropic endeavors. To learn more about Gladiator Challenge visit our website at www.gladiatorchallenge.com. Fans can also follow us on, Facebook and You Tube.

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