Vale Tudo Japan 2012 Results, Play-by-Play & Updates

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Dec 24, 2012 will report live from Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo at 2:30 a.m. ET/11:30 p.m. PT with play-by-play and live results of Vale Tudo Japan 2012.

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Daisuke Hoshino vs. Kuntap Weerasakreck

Round 1
Weerasakreck opens with a high kick, which Hoshino walks through to deliver punches to the head and body. Weerasakreck throws back, anding with a low kick. As Hoshino continues to headhunt with big looping punches, the Thai boxer picks at him with low and push kicks. Weerasakreck lands a straight right that buckles Hoshino shortly after, and he closes in for the kill. Hoshino pulls guard in defense and from there, takes the Thai into unknown territory. It's not long before he has Weerasakreck tapping to the armbar at the 2:19 mark.

Keita Nakamura vs. Nobutatsu Suzuki

Round 1
Both men paw at each other with their lead hands, leading into a short scuffle against the cage. Suzuki lands a knee to the body as Nakamura tags him with a right jab. Nakamura steps back and catches a Suzuki middle kick, dragging him to the canvas. Suzuki then gives up his back, allowing Nakamura to deftly work some ground magic. "K-Taro" works several different grips, keeping one step ahead of the defending Suzuki, but he won't be denied, sinking in the rear-naked choke for the tap. No official time is given.

Takeshi Inoue vs. Kenji Osawa

Round 1
They touch gloves and begin dancing at the center of the cage, Osawa feinting lead hooks that keep Inoue circling away to his left. Both men land head-snapping jabs, but neither seems fazed. Inoue begins experimenting with low kicks as Osawa closes in. Inoue brings his hands high, expecting punches, but Osawa instead pushes him into the cage for a takedown attempt. Inoue defends and forces Osawa back to the center where both men trade punches in the phone booth. Osawa follows up with a big hook to the face, but Inoue absorbs it without trouble. Osawa continues to keep in close, again getting Inoue up against the cage, this time with a rear waist-lock. His following takedown attempt fails as Inoue pops back to his feet, however. The horn sounds just as they separate with Osawa landing a big spinning backhand. scores the round 10-9 Osawa.

Round 2
Osawa working two-punch combos, going from body to head to open the second frame. Osawa backs Inoue into the cage again and goes for a single leg, but Inoue pops back to his feet. Osawa throws knees to the back of Inoue's right leg in the meantime before they break. At distance, Inoue lands low and push kicks, but Osawa works to inch his way in to land hooks to the body and head close up. Osawa goes again for a takedown against the cage, but is rebuffed once more. On the way out however, he eats an Inoue left forearm which sends him sprawling to the mat. Inoue lunges to finish, but Osawa scrambles back to his feet and lands some punches to Inoue's face, just to show he's still in it. The horn rings shortly thereafter. scores the round 10-9 Inoue.

Round 3
Osawa still pressing the attack, adding head kicks to his punch combos. Osawa finds success with his lead left, landing hooks to the body and jabs as he hunts Inoue at the cage perimeter. Inoue eats the blows, looking to bide his time for counters that never seem to materialize. Inoue's most significant offense here are his low kicks which are landing more frequently than previous rounds, but are still somewhat trailing Osawa's lead hand offense. There's a momentary stop is called for an eye-poke, courtesy of an open Inoue hand. When both men resume however, it's fireworks. Osawa comes out swinging, brawling with loopy punches in close. Inoue returns fire with punches and knees to the body which apparently shake Osawa, but do not deter him from pressing the attack. Inoue has Osawa against the cage, landing two big punches and a knee to the body that gives the WEC vet pause. The tide appears to be turning in Inoue's favor in this firefight, but before he can really put it to Osawa and likely finish him, the horn sounds. scores the round 10-9 Osawa and the bout 29-28 Osawa.

Official result: All three judges -- Kenichi Serizawa, Minoru Toyonaga and Yuki Nakai -- score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Kenji Osawa.

Megumi Fujii vs. Mei Yamaguchi

Round 1
Both women come out swinging, and both women land a surprising amount of punches on each other before Fujii decides to shoot for the takedown. Yamaguchi works some impressive defense against the cage, but it isn't long before she's down on all fours. Fujii goes for the RNC without fully securing Yamaguchi's back. Yamaguchi uses this tactical error to maneuver out and escape. Back on the feet, Yamaguchi lands some punches and a knee to the body before being taken down again. From guard, Fujii drops punches. Yamaguchi almost scrambles to her feet, but Fujii only lets her go so far that she can pass to side control easily. Yamaguchi muscles her way back to her feet with her back against the cage. Fujii disengages and they got back to slugging it out in the center of the cage. Fujii has her distance now and is landing, while Yamaguchi grazes or misses. Fujii hits another takedown and passes to mount where she drops punches. Surprisingly, Yamaguchi pushes her legs off the cage to reverse into Fujii's guard. Fujii goes instantly for the armbar, but Yamaguchi defends. Fujii momentarily get mount. Yamaguchi escapes back to her feet, gets taken down again, and locks a guillotine in the final ten seconds. It's not close however, as Fujii relaxes back and punches at Yamaguchi's body until the horn. What a frenetic opening period. Sherdog scores the round 10-9 Fujii.

Round 2
Yamaguchi comes barreling toward Fujii with punches. Mega Megu ducks under them and gets the double. Yamaguchi scrambles underneath, almost giving up her back. Fujii maintains top in half guard, looking to isolate Yamaguchi's left arm. Yamaguchi won't give it up however, allowing Fujii to work in some picturesque elbows and forearms to the face. Yamaguchi scrambles toward the fence, looking to work her way back to her feet, but Fujii is all over her with elbows from mount. Yamaguchi bucks to escape and manages to reverse her way into Fujii's guard where she drops some heavy punches of her own. Fujii goes for the armbar again, and Yamaguchi defends by dropping more punches. Fujii's grip wavers, so she resets it and pulls again, eating more and more punches. Fujii begins looking for the triangle instead, but Yamaguchi's punches prevent it from going far. Fujii gives up the sub and gets to her feet, battered. Equally battered is Yamaguchi, who chases her down with punches. The horn sounds before they can do each other much more damage. scores the round 10-10 and the bout 20-19 Fujii.

Official result: All three judges -- Yuki Nakai, Toshiharu Suzuki and Minoru Toyonaga -- score the bout 20-18 for the winner by unanimous decision, Megumi Fujii.

Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Ian Loveland

Round 1
Horiguchi sticks to the outside, picking at Loveland with low kicks. Loveland misses a head kick, and Horiguchi counters with a big punch, but Loveland evades and puts Horiguchi against the fence. The Japanese fighter works his way out and begins working the low kicks again. One of them grazes Loveland's groin, and Loveland motions for him to watch out. Horiguchi closes in for the attack, but Loveland collars him with the Thai clinch and shucks him to all fours on the canvas. He allows Horiguchi to get back to his feet where both men continue to pick at each other with single punches and low kicks. Horiguchi lands a thunderous right hook that sends the Tachi Palace Fights champ down in a spin. Horiguchi lands some ground and pound, but Loveland quickly recovers under fire and gets to his feet before referee Kenichi Serizawa can move in for the stoppage. Horiguchi takes Loveland down and lands some more punches, but Loveland has shaken most of the cobwebs out it seems. The American gets back to his feet, but he looks a tad shaky as Horiguchi continues to assail him with punches that leave him looking wobbled. The horn sounds soon after. scores the round 10-8 Horiguchi.

Round 2
Loveland gives chase this round, taking the center of the cage. The TPF champion mixes it up with two-punch, low kick combos, which Horiguchi blocks before returning fire with single punches and high kicks. Horiguchi dives for a takedown attempt off of a missed punch, which allows Loveland to land a few knees to the top of the head while defending. Loveland lands a few more punches to the head as Horiguchi jukes and jives in front of him as well as a stiff shin across the face. This is followed by a Loveland knee to the collarbone, ending in a takedown attempt that almost has the American on Horiguchi's back. Loveland goes for the choke, but Horiguchi quickly extricates himself and reverses position into the rear waist lock. They separate just before the horn sounds. scores the round 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round 3
Horiguchi's low kicks are still finding their mark this round, though a few stray awfully close to Loveland's groin. The TPF champ uses his longer arms to land punches just beyond Horiguchi's range, most of which land smack on the Japanese fighter's face. His nose bloodied, Horiguchi appears to be on the losing end of the exchanges now--that is until a particularly hard kick across the body has Loveland cringing over in pain. Loveland retreats as Horiguchi hunts for more kicks. In what seems a ploy to lure him in however, Loveland pulls Horiguchi into the clinch and trips him momentarily to the canvas for some punches. Horiguchi isn't there long however, and both men are once again back on their feet, trading punches and kicks. Horiguchi once again tries for the middle kick, but Loveland catches it right at the horn. scores the round 10-9 Loveland and the bout 29-27 Horiguchi.

Official result: All three judges -- Yuki Nakai, Toshiharu Suzuki and Minoru Toyonaga -- score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Kyoji Horiguchi.

Mamoru Yamaguchi vs. Darrell Montague

Round 1
Montague busies himself with circling, looking for openings to land single punches and low kicks. Yamaguchi on the other hand takes to the center, throwing big middle kicks and low kicks whenever his American opponent stops to set up an attack. Several of Montague's jabs connect, while Yamaguchi is finding some success with his middle kicks. Yamaguchi catches a Montague middle kick and attempts to counter-punch with his free hand, but Montague hops mostly out of the way. Montague's rights continue to harry Yamaguchi at range, though he seems to have little answer for the afro'd fighter's kicks to the body. To spice things up, Mamoru begins lunging with elbows as well, but Montague is able to block them well enough. The horn sounds shortly thereafter. scores the round 10-9 Yamaguchi.

Round 2
Montague begins mixing up low kicks and punches, the first few of which fluster Yamaguchi when they connect. Montague is pursuing Yamaguchi now, pressuring him up against the cage with more punches and low kicks. Yamaguchi attempts to reassert himself with some snapping jabs, but Montague is still putting combos on the Yoko Gushiken-inspired Shootor through it all. The southpaw Montague connecting with long range lead hooks to the body now. Yamaguchi explodes with a sharp one-two, body kick combo that Montague eats, then returns fire with a big left hand and a knee to the body. Montague continues to work Yamaguchi's body with punches just before the horn sounds. scores the round 10-9 Montague.

Round 3
Both men firing for punches to the head to start things this round, and both men are finding success meeting their mark. Then Montague decides to change things up with a low kick that goes, unfortunately, to the groin. Yamaguchi is given a moment to shake it off. Upon resuming, Montague shoots for a takedown and is rebuffed. Montague catches a kick and tries for another takedown, but Yamaguchi hops free and returns fire with a standing elbow, warning the American off. Yamaguchi works harder to land subsequent standing elbows, closing the distance to do so. This opens him up for several Montague body punches and knees, however the Japanese fighter is undeterred and continues to press the attack. Montague settles into firing off counter shots now, retreating and resetting to land jabs and body punches. Yamaguchi gives chase and lands a final kick to the body before the horn sounds. scores the round 10-9 Montague and the bout 29-28 Montague.

Official result: Judge Kenichi Serizawa scores the bout 29-28 Yamaguchi, while Minoru Toyonaga has it 29-28 Montague. The third and deciding judge, Yuki Nakai, sees the bout 30-27 for the winner by split decision, Darrell Montague.
The result of this bout was incorrectly announced as a unanimous decision for Montague.

Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Carlo Prater

Round 1
Prater catches a Hironaka kick and counters with a big punch before smashing him against the fence. Both men settle in the clinch, trading short punches to the body and head. Then, Prater flips Hironaka up and over, slamming him onto his back and taking side position. Hironaka methodically works his way back to his feet and disengages, resetting at the center of the cage. Hironaka closes in for punches, but is batted away with a big Prater one-two. Hironaka lunges with a big right hand and quickly retreats afterward. Prater blocks it and lands a snapping low kick to the inside of Hironaka's lead leg. Prater throws some body punches before smashing Hironaka against the cage again. Both men trade knees and hooks before exiting. scores the round 10-9 Prater.

Round 2
Prater throws a wide head kick, which Hironaka blocks. Hironaka throws a left hook. Prater blocks it, but finds himself next fending off a double-leg. With some effort, Hironaka drives through and puts the Brazilian on his back. The Shooto 154-pound champ starts working to pass from half-guard. In the attempt, Prater is able to get space enough to buck out and get back to his feet. It isn't long before Prater has Hironaka back up against the fence, throwing knees to the Japanese champ's legs. Hironaka turns this clinch into a takedown opportunity and drives his way through into Prater's guard. Hironaka stands and grips Prater's legs before dropping with a big punch to lock up side control, and eventually, Prater's back. The horn sounds before Hironaka can get anything going however. scores the round 10-9 Hironaka.

Round 3
Hironaka blocks another Prater high kick, but eats a low kick right after. Prater throws a big one-two, but Hironaka ducks just out of the way. Prater tries again, and this time, Hironaka's duck under the punch results in a double leg into half-guard. Hironaka works to free his leg to get to side control, but Prater instead gives up his back, sitting the both of them up against the cage. Hironaka reaches to put an arm around Prater's neck for the rear-naked choke attempt, but Prater deftly fights his arms off. When Hironaka finally does get one arm around, he finds it difficult to sink. Out of danger, Prater settles into throwing punches over his shoulder at Hironaka's face. The final minute of the bout continues in this fashion, with Hironaka coming no closer to the choke than with an arm across Prater's jaw. Nonetheless, scores the round 10-9 Hironaka and the bout 29-28 Hironaka.

Official result: All three judges -- Yuki Nakai, Kenichi Serizawa and Toshiharu Suzuki -- score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Kuniyoshi Hironaka.

Hideo Tokoro vs. Rumina Sato

Round 1
Both men appear to clash heads as the close in for the clinch. Tokoro separates and sweep trips Sato to his back. Sato looks stunned for a moment, just as Tokoro is lunging with a swiping right hook to his face. The punch curls the Shooto Charisma into a fetal ball, signaling to the Dream bantamweight grand prix champion that it's time to open the floodgates. Tokoro drops punch after brutal punch after crunching elbow until referee Kenichi Serizawa calls the stop at the 39-second mark.

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