Report: Lesnar Released from Hospital

By: Staff
Nov 17, 2009
Brock Lesnar was released from a North Dakota hospital on Tuesday and is recuperating from “minor surgery” in his Alexandria, Minn. home, the fighter’s close friend and chiropractor Dr. Larry Novotny told ABC television affiliate KSAX.

Lesnar, 31, was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract, UFC president Dana White told the Associated Press on Monday. The UFC heavyweight champion was also recovering from a bout with mononucleosis, said White, which caused his withdrawal from a title defense bout at UFC 106 on Nov. 21 in Las Vegas.

Novotny told KSAX that the 6-foot-3, 280-pound fighter had been hospitalized for 11 days, where he underwent tests and the surgery.

"His symptoms became severe while in Canada, which because of their health care system made it difficult to manage. And at this point it's a possibility that it could jeopardize his career," Novotny told the outlet Tuesday.

White visited Lesnar in the hospital on Tuesday, according to a post on his Twitter account.

"Leaving bismarck ND right now. Brock had minor surgery and is feeling better. Not 100% sure he is out of the woods but feeling better," wrote White.

White said Saturday that the promotion is considering an interim title for the division while Lesnar recovers. When asked if Lesnar would fight again, White told the Associated Press on Monday that, “It depends on how serious this is.”

Novotny told KSAX on Tuesday that Lesnar had a message he wanted delivered.

"He wants people to know that he is getting better and contrary to some rumors that he had died, he is on the mend,” said Novotny.

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