Murray Arrested in Morocco for UK Robbery

By: Pedro Wrobel
Jun 26, 2006
LONDON — British news sources are reporting that "Lightning" Lee Murray (Pictures) has been arrested by Moroccan police in connection with the UK's biggest ever cash robbery.

Four months ago, around £53 million (roughly $96 million) was stolen from a Securitas depot in Kent, in the southeast of England. Five men and two women have already been charged in connection with the raid, but police were hunting additional suspects.

Murray, who starred in Cage Rage and fought once in the UFC, was one of four men arrested by local police following a disturbance Sunday afternoon in the Mega Mall shopping center in Rabat, the Moroccan capital.

According to Sky News, 50 armed police surrounded the shopping center and closed off the exits after slashing the tires of Murray's black Mercedes to prevent him from escaping.

A Kent Police spokeswoman said earlier that Murray was arrested “for offenses linked to the £53 million Securitas raid." Murray is being held on suspicion of robbery, kidnapping and "other offenses linked to the raid."

The 28-year-old middleweight amassed a respectable 8-2-1 professional record, and last fought in 2004, losing by unanimous decision to Cage Rage 185-pound champion Anderson Silva.

Murray is perhaps best known in mixed martial arts circles for an altercation with Tito Ortiz (Pictures) outside a London nightclub following UFC 38. It would not be the last time Murray was involved in a nightclub incident.

On September 28, 2005, Murray was stabbed outside Funky Buddha, a London nightspot, and suffered wounds that included a punctured lung and a severed artery. Doctors said Murray had to be resuscitated four times.

Less than half a year later, Murray allegedly took part in the Securitas heist.
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