Matt Serra Expects Chris Weidman to Beat Anderson Silva in ‘Brutal Fashion’

By: Staff
Dec 27, 2013

Matt Serra shocked the world when he upset Georges St. Pierre in April 2007. When they met again a year later, though, St. Pierre got his revenge.

Serra expects a different outcome Saturday when student Chris Weidman tries to knock off Anderson Silva a second time.

“With Chris, it’s a totally different thing because one, he’s shown now that he’s got that power standing up,” Serra told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “He’s got that ability to end it up there. … Chris is a big [middleweight]. He’s got ridiculous wrestling. I mean, he can choose where that fight’s going to go. I never had that option. He’s got the skills obviously standing up, and there’s so much more you’ve yet to see.”

In their first match, Serra stopped St. Pierre 3:25 into the first round. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, Serra surprised St. Pierre by clobbering him on the feet before finishing him with strikes on the ground. In the rematch, though, St. Pierre adjusted to Serra’s power and put him away in the second round.

Serra doesn’t think Silva will be able to make a similar adjustment against Weidman. In his view, Weidman is too well rounded.

“I believe [Weidman’s] style is all the best of what guys had in the past that had some success [against Silva] as far as winning a round, the grappling-based guys, whether it’s a Travis Lutter or a Dan Henderson,” Serra said. “… But he’s that 2.0, that much better. He’s a better version of that because one, he’s got the skill set as far as well-roundedness and proper training and proper sparring with [trainer Ray] Longo, the grappling ability obviously, the wrestling but also the mindset, and that’s something you can’t teach. There’s no quit in the kid. … He’s got that ability where it’s more than a killer instinct. It’s full-blown warrior mode.”

Weidman won the first encounter in July via knockout in the second round. It was a stunning finish, with Silva dropping his hands and Weidman drilling him. Serra expects another violent conclusion when they step into the Octagon on Saturday.

“It’s Chris’ turn now,” he said. “Chris is going to be the champ for a while, I believe. I believe he’s going to win this rematch and I believe he’s going to do it in brutal fashion.”

Listen to the full interview (beginning at 49:18).

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