Bellator 71 Results: Live Play-by-Play & Updates

By: Staff
Jun 22, 2012 will report from the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester, W.Va., at approximately 7:00 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of Bellator 71, featuring the quarterfinals of the Bellator Summer Series 2012 light heavyweight tournament quarterfinals.

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Brylan Van Artsdalen vs. Neil Johnson

Round 1
The fighters meet in the center of the cage and vab Artsdalen throws a kick to begin the night. He continues pawing with the jab while circling to his left. He switches direction and throws a leg kick. Johnson is hesitant to engage as they size each other up. Another leg kick by van Artsdalen lands. Johnson moves in close and throws a short right that misses and they break. Leg kick by van Artsdalen lands and he follows up with a quick jab. Johnson beings to move forward now but is still not throwing strikes. He can't seem to deal with the constant movement of his opponent. Van Artsdalen cracks him with an audible leg kick and follows with a right straight to the body. Johnson grabs for a single-leg and his opponent hops around for a few moments on one leg before falling. He immediately gets up and sinks a standing guillotine on Johnson. It's not tight and the fighters break before the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 van Artsdalen
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 van Artsdalen
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 van Artsdalen

Round 2
Keith Mills

Johnson's comeback was a real

Van Artsdalen continues to hop around and dives for a double-leg but transitions to a bodylock against the cage. He is pushed away by the Ashburn, Va., native and the fighters break. Johnson snaps his foe's head back with a jab. He grabs for a single a drops his opponent who then dives for a toehold. Van Artsdalen abandons the toehold and Johnson jumps on his back looking for a choke. Van Artsdalen squirms out and the fighters stand up. Johnson drives for a takedown and his opponent drops down for another unsuccessful toehold. Johnson squares up and throws a one-two that lands and begins stalking his prey. Johnson lands a knee to the face and a right hand to the body which drops van Artsdalen. He jumps on top throwing punches but van Artsdalen rolls to guard.

Van Arsdalen then squirms out from the control of Johnson, but Johnson dives on his back and secures a tight rear-naked choke. Johnson's come-from-behind win comes at 4:29 of the second round.

K. Mills

Butcher cut Bastress up on
the floor.

Duane Bastress vs. Jason Butcher

Round 1
Butcher and Bastress start with cautious leg kicking. Butcher rushes Bastress with three punches, landing and prompting his foe to shoot in. Butcher gladly falls to his back, gets wrist control and throws up a triangle. He traps the arm and tries to control it, but can't quite find the armbar. Bastress then to yank his head out crudely, but Butcher squares his hips up, pulls his head down and readjusts his grip and forces the tap. The submission win for Butcher comes just 63 seconds into the first round.

North American Allied Fight Series Light Heavyweight Championship
Dan Spohn vs. Josh Stansbury

K. Mills

Stansbury took NAAFS gold.

Round 1
Spohn comes out throwing nice punching combinations. The taller, lankier fighter then cracks Stansbury with an overhand right. Stansbury returns by landing a brutal shot to the groin and Stansbury needs a brief break. They return to fighting soon after and Spohn keeps Stansbury at range with a push kick. That doesn't stop him from moving inside and throwing a wild combo. Stansbury again wades in throwing a combo that misses and pins his opponent against the cage. They break, and Stansbury follows up with a brutal right hook that drops his opponent, giving him a natural look at a guillotine on the stunned Spohn. Stansbury locks up the submission win and takes the NAAFS light heavyweight title at 2:30 of the first round.

Chris Goldbaugh vs. Kevin Zalac

Round 1
The fighters slap hands and Zalac throws a short jab. He fires again with a double jab followed by a right hook but nothing lands flush. Goldbaugh lands two quick jabs as Zalac attempts to close to distance but Zalac pushes him against the cage. Goldbaugh fights back and reverse position against the cage. He lands a high knee to the head of his foe. The fighters break and Goldbaugh is the aggressor throwing a right hook leg kick combo. He is the aggressor now and lands a push kick hard but Zalac catches it and throws him to the mat. Goldbaugh moves to rubber guard with his long limbs but quickly abandons it. Zalac lands one right hand but Goldbaugh has him well tied up. Zalac responds by mushing him against the cage but is not throwing any punches. The fighters are stalled and they are stood up by referee Jason Herzog. Zalac attacks with a looping left but Goldbaugh backs away. Goldbaugh begins to pour it on landing a body kick and a few short punches before the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Goldbaugh
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Goldbaugh
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Goldbaugh

Round 2
Zalac comes out pawing with his jab and Goldbaugh responds in kind. He lands a combo to the body and face which backs up his opponent. A spinning back kick is landed lands on Goldbaugh's stomach. Goldbaugh's offense has slowed as he seems tired and Zalac grabs a hold of his head and lands four knees to his forehead. Goldbaugh stalls by pushing his foe against the fence and lands an outside trip. He swiftly moves to back control and begins hand fighting with Zalac. Zalac defends well and is able to escape to mount which he then reverses and lands in Goldbaugh's guard. He postures up and lands a short right and Goldbaugh hangs on. His offense stalls as he can't break the grip of his opponent. He attempts to posture up but cannot break free. He throws short elbows to the face of Goldbaugh but is then stalled. He postures up for a moment and Goldbaugh looks for a triangle but quickly abandons it.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Zalac
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Zalac
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Zalac

Round 3
K. Mills

Zalac chipped away to win.
Zalac still has some bounce in his step and immediately blitzes his foe against the cage landing punches. He drops for a single-leg but can't get a grip and lands a big elbow on his foe. He drags Goldbaugh to the ground and is in his full guard. Zalac postures up and lands a few short punches that are not very damaging. Goldbaugh's legs move high up but he does not threaten with a choke. Zalac remains chest-on-chest and throws short elbows but still can't break the grip of his foe for an extended period of time. The crowd roars with every elbow but Goldbaugh stands up from his guard. He lands a two-piece the face of Zalac and dives for a takedown that is shrugged off. He looks for another takedown and tries to trip Zalac, but he is reversed. Zalac rolls through, reverses and sets up on top where he tries to find punches until the thorn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Zalac (29-28 Zalac)
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Zalac (29-28 Zalac)
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Zalac (29-28 Zalac)

Official result: All three judges -- Todd Kruszka, Chris Samples and Chip Synder -- score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Kevin Zalac.

Kevin Asplund vs. Brett Rogers

Round 1
The two fighters don't touch gloves and Asplund works inside with two punches but they don't land. They break and Rogers returns fire and presses him against the cage. He abandons this and the fighters break. The heavyweights clinch and Rogers pulls off a powerful lateral drop and moves to half guard. He forces Asplund against the fences and starts beating down on his body. Asplund grabs a hold of a kimura which stalls The Grim. He tries to wall walk but Rogers grabs a hold of his neck. Asplund shakes it off and pushes his foe away. He then moves in with an uppercut and right hook that lands on Rogers. Rogers responds by forcing him against the cage but Asplund reverses and is now the aggressor. Rogers pushes away from his foe and they meet in the center once more. The two fighters clinch and Asplund lands a hook and immediately backs away from Rogers' vicious counter hooks. Rogers again attacks with the hooks which Asplund avoids, dodging Anderson Silva style with his hands down. Asplund lands a hook but Rogers responds and stuns his foe with a counter hook. Rogers rushes Asplund and gets a front headlock before the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Rogers

Round 2
K. Mills

Rogers put an egg in Asplund's
left eye.
Rogers begins the second round with a combo which Asplund avoids. Rogers stalks his foe and throws a body kick. A thudding leg kick is landed by Asplund and he begins walking down Rogers. He shoves him against the cage and takes him down but Rogers is quick to his knees. Asplund grabs his neck but Rogers manages to get to his feet before he is thrown back to the ground. Asplund moves quickly to side control and begins landing short elbows. Rogers has had enough and stands up and pushes his tiring opponent to the ground. Asplund grabs for another kimura and the action stalls. Asplund uses the kimura to regain half guard and continues to crank on the arm. Rogers manages to break free and is on top of his opponent. Asplund tries to snake up the fence, but gets thrown back to the mat. Asplund shrimps to half guard and Rogers lays on him. Asplund again wrenches for a kimura but Rogers pounds on his body. Rogers is rather stifled on the ground but lands two punches as the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Rogers
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Rogers

The ringside physician stops the bout due to the left eye of Kevin Asplund being swollen shut. Brett Rogers is the winner by TKO after the second round.

Bellator 2012 Summer Series Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Tim Carpenter vs. Beau Tribolet

Round 1
Tribolet circles to his left and Carpenter throws a leg kick to begin the bout. Carpenter stalks Tribolet and moves in to throw a quick right left combo to the face. Tribolet continues to circle away from Carpenter and remains out of range. Tribolet dives in with a superman punch but Carpenter responds with two punches to the face. Carpenter throws multiple jabs and moves into range to land two of them. Another jab snaps his opponent's head back. He then lands consecutive right hands to Tribolet's chin. Another jab and Tribolet has had enough and begins moving forward. Carpenter's jab again keeps him at bay. Carpenter moves close and lands two punches. They briefly clinch but soon break apart. A push kick is landed by Tribolet followed by a body kick. Carpenter moves in with the jab and Tribolet throws a thudding leg kick which ends the round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Carpenter
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Carpenter
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Carpenter

Round 2
K. Mills

Carpenter got crafty and used
the cage.
Tribolet is more aggressive early and a body kick knocks down Carpenter but he quickly gets up. The fighters clinch and Tribolet lands two uppercuts to Carpenter's chin. Carpenter continues stalking his foe around the cage and attempting to land his jab but can't get in range. He shoves Tribolet into the cage, and Tribolet responds with a body kick. Tribolet begins to pour it on as Carpenter covers up. He throws three uppercuts that are partially blocked. Tribolet drops down for the first takedown of the night, but Carpenter drops for a guillotine. He loses the choke and Tribolet is in his guard. Carpenter works a high guard looking for an armbar but can't snag one. Tribolet lands punches to the body and as he goes up top, Carpenter goes for an armbar. Tribolet stops it for a moment, but Carpenter uses the cage to push off and finish the armlock.

The fantastic submission forces a verbal tap at 4:51 of the second round. Tim Carpenter advances to the second round of the Bellator 2012 Summer Series light heavyweight tournament.

Bellator 2012 Summer Series Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Roy Boughton vs. Emanuel Newton

Round 1
Boughton quickly punches his way in and Newton body kicks him, trying to keep him outside. Boughton shoots, but Newton sprawls and controls his head. Newton rolls through and Boughton gets his back standing, dragging him to the mat and nearly getting his hooks in. “The Hardcore Kid” rolls through and Boughton looks for a triangle, then an armbar. Newton escapes but Boughton refuses to play guard, hopping up and going for a guillotine. Newton elevates and slams him to the mat, getting control of a front headlock again. Newton spins and tries to take Boughton’s back, but the Cesar Gracie product shakes him free. Newton finally finishes a bodylock takedown and sets up in half guard, chipping away with punches and elbows. Boughton tries to get back to his feet and get a takedown of his own, but Newton stuffs him along the fence. Newton trips Boughton to the mat again but can’t control him. Boughton gets in on his waist, desperate for a takedown, but Newton continues to shut him down with a front headlock. Newton bullies Boughton the mat with just over 30 seconds to go, but winds up in a kimura. Newton pulls free and punches away from guard until the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Newton
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Newton
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Newton
K. Mills

Newton choked Boughton out.

Round 2
Both men probe with kicks. Boughton dives for another desperate single-leg and presses his foe against the fence. Newton shrugs him off but Boughton shoots in for another takedown. Newton shucks him by and swiftly dives onto Boughton's back, looking for a choke. He doesn't fully have his back but he sinks the choke with no hooks, then sinks his hooks in, and tightens the choke for the tap. The end comes at 49 seconds of the second round. Emanuel Newton advances to the semifinals of the Bellator 2012 Summer Series light heavyweight tournament.

Bellator 2012 Summer Series Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Zelg Galesic vs. Attila Vegh

K. Mills

Vegh's left got it started.
Round 1
The two Eastern Europeans meet at the center of the cage. They stare at each other for a few moments and Galesic throws a lighting quick combination that misses. Vegh goes for a waistlock but his foe reverses and tosses him to the mat. He moves to side control but Vegh pops back to his feet. Galesic lands a flying knee which staggers his opponent and he blitzes him with punches. Vegh responds with a kick to the body and the two exchange right hands against the cage. Vegh sneaks a left hand onto the chin of his foe and drops him to his knees. Galesic tries to pop back to his feet but his opponent hops on his back and they fall to the floor with the choke in deep. The Slovak secures the submission win at an even one minute of the first round to advance to the semifinals of Bellator's 2012 Summer Series light heavyweight tournament.

Bellator 2012 Summer Series Light Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Chris Davis vs. Travis Wiuff

Round 1
K. Mills

Wiuff whooped Davis.
Wiuff comes out strong and clinches Davis against the cage. He lands some body punches and then throws a few knees to the liver. He drops for a single-leg takedown, but can't clasp his hands together so he throws knees instead. Davis pushes him away but Wiuff comes in throwing a wild right hand and clinches once more. Davis works to escape but Wiuff spins him around while grabbing onto a single leg. He tries to lift Davis up instead but doesn't have the leverage. He continues to press Davis against the cage and throw weak knees. The crowd is getting restless and Davis rolls for a knee but doesn't come close to securing anything. He turtles and Wiuff climbs on top of him throwing a few hammerfists. One powerful right connects and slumps Davis forward. Wiuff keeps throwing, after a few more fists Davis is unconscious.

Referee Jason Herzog intervenes at 4:12 of the first round, and Travis Wiuff advances to the second round of Bellator's light heavyweight tournament in the 2012 Summer Series.

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