Pros Pick: Johnson vs. Dodson

By: Mike Sloan
Jan 25, 2013
Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has wowed onlookers with speed and skill. | Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Demetrious Johnson will defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship flyweight crown against “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 14 winner John Dodson in the UFC on Fox 6 main event this Saturday at the United Center in Chicago. touched base with a number of professional fighters and trainers to gauge their opinions on the UFC on Fox 6 “Johnson vs. Dodson” headliner:

Michael Chiesa: D.J. has an awesome story of his upbringing in this sport; he has endured a lot in his life to get to where he is. We actually fought on a lot of the same amateur circuits here in Washington. He has always had the heart of a champion, even before he made it to the big shows. Dodson is very tough, a “TUF” champion, and has a good skillset, but D.J. is better in every aspect of the game. I got “Mighty Mouse” winning by a very lopsided decision.

Tom DeBlass: I’m going to keep this one short. I’m sticking with D.J. on this one.

Fredson Paixao: I’m going with Dodson. He’s got good standup and [is] explosive; he’s very unorthodox.

Brock Jardine: I think Johnson will win because of his speed and conditioning. He really excelled in the championship rounds his last fight, and I feel that if the fight is close going into the fourth and fifth he will pull ahead and finish Mr. Dodson. Plus, who didn’t love “Mighty Mouse” growing up? I predict that Demetrious wins by TKO.

Jeff Hougland: Should be a fun fight to watch. I’m going to pull for “Mighty Mouse” because he is from Washington. D.J. wins a unanimous decision in an awesome high-paced fight that people on the Internet will complain about because they only weigh 125 pounds.

Jeremy Stephens: Dodson wins.

J.J. Ambrose: I underestimated Johnson in his last fight. His unnatural speed, striking and wrestling defense will be the deciding factor in this fight. Not taking anything away from Dodson -- he's a great fighter -- but I’m taking “Mighty Mouse” via decision.

Caros Fodor: I’m going with my boy, D.J., on this one, for sure. I have been with him his whole camp, and I don’t think anybody could beat him right now. Although I think Dodson is a good fighter, I firmly believe D.J. is just on another level skill-wise.

Brian Foster: I like Johnson in this fight. He’s a little more experienced and has fought a different type of competition, I think. Dodson’s exciting and has some true talent at this weight; just not sure if he’s slick enough for “Mighty Mouse.” These little guys are very exciting and have a tendency to go to a decision, and I think this one will do the same. That’s the thing about MMA, though: it’s the most unpredictable sport in the world and you never know what can light the fire under someone. The title shot may be what Dodson needs to bring out his full potential, but, otherwise, I see Johnson by unanimous decision in this one.

Max Holloway: I got Demetrious winning by decision. I really think he can outwork Dodson. They’re going to have to play this fight in slow motion because it’s going to be [fought at a] crazy speed.

Ricardo Liborio: Johnson wins by decision.

Mike Ciesnolevicz: I will take Johnson by unanimous decision. I think he just has a more well-rounded skillset, more experience and should be able to win all areas of the fight. I don’t think Dodson is ready for the next level up.

John Dodson File Photo

The pros favor Johnson over Dodson.
Keith Berry: Johnson has really come far and always finds a way to win, so I’m going to have to go with him. But Dodson is so hyper these two might implode if they meet in the Octagon. I’ll put my money on Johnson in the end.

Joe Duarte: I’m going with Dodson. He has a four-centimeter reach advantage.

Colton Smith: Both guys are extremely talented and fast, but I’m taking Greg Jackson’s “Magician” with the upset by decision.

Andy Ogle: Johnson is one of my favorite fighters. He’s done the championship rounds, whereas Dodson has not. I just don’t see Dodson winning. If I hadn’t seen [Ian] “Uncle Creepy” [McCall] vs. Johnson, maybe I would have [given] Dodson a chance, but I believe it’ll be pretty much a replay of that fight.

Chris Clements: I gotta go with Demetrius. He is more well-rounded and a better striker. I don’t think Dodson’s going to be used to fighting a guy who is just as fast and athletic as he is.

Myles Jury: Johnson (wins).

Danillo Villefort: I’m going with Dodson.

Mitch Clarke: I’m going with Demetrious by decision on this one. Dodson has looked good in his last couple fights, but Demetrious, I think, is going to be able to mix it up. Too much striking to wrestling, and he is one of the few people that can match Dodson’s speed. Demetrious wins by high-paced decision.

Patrick Cote: I’ll go with Johnson because he has better wrestling, in my opinion. You’ll be tired just watching the pace of this fight.

Steven Siler: I gotta go with my boy from “TUF 14,” Lil’ John. I think he will avoid Johnson’s takedowns and pick him apart on the feet.

Igor Araujo: Two and a half years ago, I was getting into Jackson’s gym for the first time to train, and Dodson was working on the reception there. After winning “TUF,” he is fighting for the UFC belt. This guy is a champ already, and he will make it a fact by beating Demetrious by decision.

Mike Pyle: Going with Dodson on this fight. I think he holds the most power between the two; the speed is the same, though. It will look like a couple of chipmunks fighting over a cracker, I’m sure, but if and when Dodson connects, it’s quiet time for D.J.

Justin Salas: I’m going with Johnson. They’re equal on about everything, but I’ll give “Mighty Mouse” the edge on being in more big fights.

Zach Makovsky: This should be a fun fight: Johnson’s speed and experience vs. Dodson’s power and evil laugh. I see Dodson catching “Mighty Mouse” with a big punch early, but he won’t put him away and Johnson will claw his way back for a decision win.

Travis Lutter: Demetrious, I guess. The smaller guys are hard to pick.

Nam Phan: Demetrious can overwhelm him with his wrestling. D.J. wins by decision.

Kyle Kingsbury: “Mighty Mouse” wins easily.

John Gunderson: I gotta go with “Mighty Mouse.” He seems to be on a hot streak and may just be the very best of his weight class.

Travis Wiuff: Johnson wins by decision.

Mark Bocek: Johnson wins by decision.

John Hackleman: I think with these two little bundles of energy it could very well be the most entertaining fight of the year. They’re both highly athletic, highly skilled, highly dynamic, highly aggressive and highly competitive. This fight will be at such a fast pace they may have to show it in slow motion for the viewers to see what’s really going on. I am very excited to watch this fight. This will be entertainment at its best. Oh, and I think it will be a draw.

Johny Hendricks: It’s going to be a fast-paced fight, and I think it’s going to be a very fun fight. They both are very fast, but I have to go with Johnson via five-round decision.

Jacob Volkmann: Dodson all the way just because he’s a character.

Robert Drysdale: Johnson wins.

Eric Prindle: Dodson has more power. Johnson is more athletic. I think Johnson will win a hard decision.

Pros Picking Johnson: 27
Pros Picking Dodson: 9
No Pick: 1

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