A Night of Tweets: UFC on Fox 8

By: Mike Fridley
Jul 28, 2013
Demetrious Johnson was at his best Saturday at UFC on Fox 8. | Photo: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Mixed martial arts journalism is a serious business. Following the MMA community on Twitter, is not. The following is a light-hearted (and sometimes insightful) look at how the combat sports world viewed UFC on Fox 8 via social networking.

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People forget Johnson is only 26 too. He could be atop the Flyweight division for a long time. #UFConFOX8

— Justin Ivey (@JustinIveyKN) July 28, 2013

That's a champion, pitching a shutout and still getting cutthroat for the finish. Hurrah for Demetrious Johnson.

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) July 28, 2013

Early this week Mighty Mouse's wife gave birth to a baby boy who is now taller than him.

— David Neighbor (@dneighbor) July 28, 2013

Who won? Jake? Rory? I know who lost: everybody who had to watch that filth

— Mike Sloan (@MikeSloan19) July 28, 2013

Lol I love how all the jackasses start talking about what a horrible match this was to make! EVERYONE was pumped for it, even me.#suckedtho

— Dana White (@danawhite) July 28, 2013

Everybody who sad Robbie Lawler spent most of a career as a blown-up middleweight say YEAHHHHH

— Mike Whitman (@mikewhitmanmma) July 28, 2013

Only 2 fights in history have ended by sub at 4:59 in the 2nd; Masvidal's victory tonight & the twister by UFC 163 challenger Korean Zombie

— UFC (@ufc) July 28, 2013

Prior to tonight, there had been only 15 UFC fights in which the loser received a 30-27 scorecard. Here they are: http://t.co/ECAuRxCLoH

— MMADecisions.com (@MMADecisions) July 27, 2013

Moral: don't send a vegan to do a carnivore's job.

— midnite (@123midnite) July 27, 2013

That's what happens when Melvin Guillard explodes before he implodes.

— RJ Clifford (@RJcliffordMMA) July 27, 2013

Had it 29-28 Edwards. Two 30-27 Cruickshank scorecards seems pretty on par for Washington's rogue judges gallery, though. Consistent idiocy.

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) July 27, 2013

Hillbilly bar fight / Short Fuse trades some of his soul / but, we're all winners. #UFConFOX8 #haikurecaps

— 17 Syllables of Pain (@MMAhaiku) July 27, 2013

Have no clue how a judge could call that a split dec!!! MMA judges scare me. Randamie won easily 2-1 in a not very exciting fight.

— Dana White (@danawhite) July 27, 2013

Watching Aaron Riley fight is like watching a creature further down on the evolutionary scale struggle to survive in the modern world.

— jim genia (@jim_genia) July 27, 2013

Pretty sure Aaron Riley bare-knuckle fought my great-grandpa at a fairground during the Depression.

— Dann Stupp (@MMAjunkieDann) July 27, 2013

Well, at least only people with a Facebook account saw John Albert blatantly quit after seven minutes of fighting.

— RJ Clifford (@RJcliffordMMA) July 27, 2013

Oh, that triangle. Albert was never good in geometry.

— Chuck Mindenhall (@ChuckMindenhall) July 27, 2013

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