A Night of Tweets: UFC Fight Night 29

By: Mike Fridley
Oct 10, 2013
Twitter went wild for Dong Hyun Kim and also Rousimar Palhares. | Photo: Marcelo Alonso/Sherdog.com

Mixed martial arts journalism is a serious business. Following the MMA community on Twitter, is not. The following is a light-hearted (and sometimes insightful) look at how the combat sports world viewed UFC Fight Night 29 via social networking.

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Brazilian fighters won 4 out of 6 on the main card. Something tells me Brazilian fans are anything but satisfied with .667 batting average.

— Bleacher Report MMA (@BR_MMA) October 10, 2013

@jordanbreen I feel the same way abt men and getting the O's

— midnite (@123midnite) October 10, 2013

#UFCFightNight Silva vs Kim as told by Joe Silva pic.twitter.com/RRQv2xvcxu

— UFC (@ufc) October 10, 2013

I think a chunck of Carlos Condit 's knee got lodged in Kim's brain and manifested itself in this fight.

— RJ Clifford (@RJcliffordMMA) October 10, 2013

Right hand injury? How will Silva eat his post-fight buffet?

— Rob Tatum (@RobTatumMMA) October 10, 2013

Matt Hamill gets 25% of Thiago Silva's purse, if anyone at the arena is selling oxygen tanks they can prob get the other 75%

— Chris Nelson (@3amMMA) October 10, 2013

That was crap! When someone is clearly tapping and the ref can't even pull him off Dana need for fine Palhares to... http://t.co/UriKsO0mXq

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) October 9, 2013

Mike Pierce will now wonder if it's torn up... I'm talking about his contract, not his knee.

— TJ De Santis (@TJDeSantis) October 9, 2013

Toquinho just beat Mike Pierce more convincingly than anyone else in history. Load up the leglockin' hype train until the next gas shortage.

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) October 9, 2013

I hope Pierce's health insurance covers limb replacement, b/c Palhares doesn't play around when it hits the mat. #limbsnatcher #UFCFN29

— Fight Parrot (@FightParrot) October 9, 2013

Mike Pierce can 'quietly win' 42 fights in a row and he will sadly be no closer to a title welterweight title shot than I am.

— Stephie D (@CrooklynMMA) October 9, 2013

That oil check by Dillashaw was so deep, the University of Phoenix is awarding him a degree in proctology.

— jim genia (@jim_genia) October 9, 2013

If TJ would have fought in Sacramento he wins that decision. I'm just guessing.

— Sherdog (@TheSherdoggy) October 9, 2013

Saying someone looks like Renan Barao in a way other than "resembles him when he fights" is definitely throwing some serious shade on a man.

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) October 9, 2013

Damn. I was hoping Garett Whiteley would get the win over Alan Patrick so "Tread Whiteley" could become a thing.

— Tristen Critchfield (@TCritchfield52) October 9, 2013

Odds are if you're an American and your first appearance in the Octagon is in Brazil, you're really not ready for the Octagon.

— jim genia (@jim_genia) October 9, 2013

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