A Night of Tweets: UFC 162

By: Mike Fridley
Jul 7, 2013
Chris Weidman ended Anderson Silva's reign at UFC 162. | Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC/UFC/Getty Images

Mixed martial arts journalism is a serious business. Following the MMA community on Twitter, is not. The following is a light-hearted (and sometimes insightful) look at how the combat sports world viewed UFC 162 via social networking.

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I’m a Silva fan, and after that disgraceful, disrespectful performance he deserved to get knocked out .

— Anthony Bourdain (@Bourdain) July 7, 2013

Anderson Silva's reign lasted 2,458 days. In that time, 26 other men & women in other divisions wore UFC gold. #UFC

— Mike Chiappetta MMA (@MikeChiappetta) July 7, 2013


— Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) July 7, 2013

Doesn't matter who you are. Flat footed, square, hands down. Gonna pay a price at some point. Chris Weidman: New UFC middleweight champion.

— Josh Gross (@JoshGrossESPN) July 7, 2013

Never seen so many Brazilian reports so pissed. Press row is like a morgue in my section.

— Greg Savage (@TheSavageTruth) July 7, 2013

Ray Longo has done it again. Had a local kid knock off one of the P4P best.

— Chuck Mindenhall (@ChuckMindenhall) July 7, 2013

That...was...stupid. Working your opponent is one thing but remember, you're still in a fight dude. Damn. #AndersonSilva #ufc162 #MMA

— Josh Barnett (@JoshLBarnett) July 7, 2013

The real difference between Frankie and Do Bronx is that Frankie has grown-man strength and can push Charles around like he wants to #UFC162

— Tim Leidecker (@TimLeidecker) July 7, 2013

20 years and Gracies still haven't learned how to strike.

— Matthew Polly (@MatthewEPolly) July 7, 2013

Roger Gracie only landed 16 strikes? Really? You could land more in a jiu-jitsu match on accident.

— Ben Fowlkes (@benfowlkesMMA) July 7, 2013

Just can't vibe with the late stoppage talk. This is borderline eliminator type stuff, not patty cake. Herb waited for clean face punches.

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) July 7, 2013

Well that was MY main event. All the rest is snuggling and snoring after the orgasm.

— midnite (@123midnite) July 7, 2013

Judge Mark Smith is UFC 162's turd in the punch bowl with his 29-28 Leben scorecard, giving him the first and second. FANS, GET THE PYRE.

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) July 7, 2013

Leben isn't 32 in fighter years. He's 32 in running back years. Or dog years. Or something.

— Todd Martin (@ToddMartinMMA) July 7, 2013

Tokudome stopped by my house the other day. #UFC162 pic.twitter.com/qu9G5U9xGd

— Tommy Toe Hold (@TommyToeHold) July 7, 2013

I've got high hopes for Dave Herman's Bellator career.

— Todd Martin (@ToddMartinMMA) July 7, 2013

Shout out to Keith Kizer for making Kim Winslow the ref where the fighters are a combined 500 pounds.

— Evan Shoman (@shomanart) July 7, 2013

Just posted: "Oh wow, check out the 10 greatest Silva/Weidman kiss romoshops" ( http://t.co/8jWcvFsoPG )

— MiddleEasy (@MiddleEasy) July 7, 2013

Edson Barboza needs to walk to the cage in a flannel shirt and an ax, and really embrace this thing.

— Dann Stupp (@MMAjunkieDann) July 7, 2013

Melancon didn't have to look at a ton of tape to discover Baczynski's weakness to left hook-type pokemons http://t.co/c9yHog744H

— smoogy (@smoogymma) July 6, 2013

There you go, Mike Pierce. That left might have just got you off the Facebook prelims. Brutal finish.

— Ben Fowlkes (@benfowlkesMMA) July 6, 2013

Mike pierce with the KO..... being as this was on the undercard...he has better odds of winning Powerball than getting KOTN bonus

— Robert Joyner (@robnashville) July 6, 2013

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