A Night of Tweets: UFC 156

By: Mike Fridley
Feb 3, 2013

Frankie Edgar made it interesting in the championship rounds, but Jose Aldo was too much for the human version of “The Little Engine That Could.”

Here’s how the MMA community reacted to UFC 156.

In infinite rounds / when would Frankie show fatigue? / 9? 14? 20? #ufc156

— 17 Syllables of Pain (@MMAhaiku) February 3, 2013

Immediate rematch. You know it's coming. Kind of fitting that it's Groundhog's Day...

— CagePotato.com (@cagepotatomma) February 3, 2013

Edgar's probably amazed at the speed, power & precision of Aldo. Aldo's probably amazed that Edgar doesn't seem to care.

— MMAFighting.com (@MMAFighting) February 3, 2013

Interesting night for the Blackzilians

— Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) February 3, 2013

Sorry to everyone. Was flat tonight and did not give you all the fight you deserved. I will be back stronger.

— Jon Fitch (@jonfitchdotnet) February 3, 2013

Despite what those Jack Links commercials may tell you, don't mess with the Bigfoot.

— Daniel Downes (@dannyboydownes) February 3, 2013

Big Foot aimed for the smugness, landed on the chin.

— RJ Clifford (@RJcliffordMMA) February 3, 2013

Incredible moment for Bigfoot. No idea what Overeem was trying to do in there. Play with your food that long and bad sh*t happens.

— John Morgan (@MMAjunkieJohn) February 3, 2013

If Bigfoot had internal organs, those things would be feeling it right now. #UFC156

— Tommy Toe Hold (@TommyToeHold) February 3, 2013

If you ain't cheating you ain't trying - fence grabbers

— Greg Savage (@TheSavageTruth) February 3, 2013

Somehow, someway, Demian Maia usually overcomes the Linkin Park walkout to do well in the cage. That is one mentally tough dude.

— Mike Whitman (@mikewhitmanmma) February 3, 2013

McCall has mastered the 'I'm happy to be getting punched in the face' look. How do the judges score that, by the way?

— Ben Fowlkes (@benfowlkesMMA) February 3, 2013

Somewhere, Ian McCall's niece is pissed off that Rogan and Goldie didn't give her credit for the Uncle Creepy nickname.

— Dann Stupp (@MMAjunkieDann) February 3, 2013

@jordanbreen you think Liddell is tired of seeing himself knocked out in every light heavyweights highlight reel?

— John Estilette (@hot_pokket) February 3, 2013

Is UFC on a 2013 hot streak or what? Absorb seemingly questionable Strikeforce talent. SF talent start Taliban-style executions of UFC vets.

— Luke Thomas (@SBNLukeThomas) February 3, 2013

Green's submission of Volkmann at 4:25 of R3 was the 2nd latest sub in UFC lightweight history (1st is C. Miller/Gurgel at 4:48 of R3).

— MMADecisions.com (@MMADecisions) February 3, 2013

Camus flirting with takedowns here is like an alcoholic walking into a bar to socialize.

— Mike Whitman (@mikewhitmanmma) February 3, 2013

Chico Camus fought like you were playing UFC Undisputed with a novice and told them that you wouldn't smash them standing and knock them out

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) February 3, 2013

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