A Morning of Tweets: UFC Fight Night 37

By: Mike Fridley
Mar 1, 2014

Mixed martial arts journalism is a serious business. Following the MMA community on Twitter, is not. The following is a light-hearted (and sometimes insightful) look at how the combat sports world viewed UFC Fight Night 37 via social networking.

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I'm just glad that everyone who wakes up right now has to read about an impressive Dong first thing in the morning. #ufc

— MMA Roasted (@MMARoasted) March 1, 2014

If I were 8 - when I thought you could legitimately push someone's nose into their brain to kill them - that KO would've been even scarier.

— Dann Stupp (@MMAjunkieDann) March 1, 2014

Don't go into the light John Hathaway

— Stephie D (@CrooklynMMA) March 1, 2014

Well, I won't be needing coffee this morning. #HOLYOHMYGODTHATJUSTHAPPENED #TUFChina

— RJ Clifford (@RJcliffordMMA) March 1, 2014

A counter spinning back elbow knockout for Stun Gun Kim? Counter elbow on a an elbow attempt by Hathaway? That is wild.

— Brett Okamoto (@bokamotoESPN) March 1, 2014

Kim perhaps prematurely scouting out some cageside talent for his post-fight celebration.

— Dann Stupp (@MMAjunkieDann) March 1, 2014

Apparently MMA judging sucks worldwide. #TUFChinaFinale

— Dana White (@danawhite) March 1, 2014

I totally expected way more wire-fighting from this event. Color me disappointed.

— Freddie DeFreitas (@freddefreitas) March 1, 2014

"I'd like to thank, uhhh, bread... milk.... laundry detergent.... Jon, I might have grabbed the wrong paper"

— Chris Nelson (@3amMMA) March 1, 2014

+100 goes to Mitrione for realizing that Jordan was still hurt after trying to regroup, flurrying again and getting the R1 buzzer-beater KO.

— Jordan Breen (@jordanbreen) March 1, 2014

@MMAjunkieDann Is that guy dressed as a tampon?

— jim genia (@jim_genia) March 1, 2014

I need some coffee to stay up for these next fights...where is Pat Cummins when you need him? #TUFChina

— MMA Roasted (@MMARoasted) March 1, 2014

A lot at stake for these two fighters, not the least of which is the honor of their respective villages and clans.

— jim genia (@jim_genia) March 1, 2014

Man!!!! Dude with hair lost more brain cells in this fight than Matsui during his entire career in Pride! #ultimatefightnight

— Bahadurzada (@SiyarTheGreat) March 1, 2014

Korean Bulldozer, Filipino wrecking machine...lots of destruction in the UFC

— Stephie D (@CrooklynMMA) March 1, 2014

Nam Phan didn't do his Homework on Vaughan Lee...making it the first time an Asian guy didn't do his Homework. #ufc

— MMA Roasted (@MMARoasted) March 1, 2014

The ufc keeps looking for their Yao Ming but they only find their Dong Fangzhuo's.

— Tomasz J. Marciniak (@tjmarciniak) March 1, 2014

Excerpt from memoirs: "My low point came in 2014. It was 6:45am and I was watching a commercial where Mike Dolce yelled at me about fitness"

— Chris Nelson (@3amMMA) March 1, 2014

Rumor has it UFC considered booking Bob Sapp for this card but they opted to air a 15-second UFC Fit commercial instead. Otherwise, no time.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) March 1, 2014

This UFC event is the only time I would ever stay up till 5 AM to see a Dong. #ufc

— MMA Roasted (@MMARoasted) March 1, 2014

@TCritchfield52 Thank you for that share, Tristen. I'll go next. Hi, my name is Mike, and it's been 0 days since my last Fight Pass.

— Mike Whitman (@mikewhitmanmma) March 1, 2014

Can't help but feel like Fedor is fighting later when I wake up at 3 am for a card.

— TJ De Santis (@TJDeSantis) March 1, 2014

Wow, that knee was square to the face. Maybe my dreams have come true and everyone made a secret gentlemen's agreement to use One FC rules?

— Mike Whitman (@mikewhitmanmma) March 1, 2014

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