PRIDE 27 INFERNO Preview - Introduction

Jan 29, 2004

Pride FC 27: Inferno - The Heavyweight Grand Prix survival matches serve as the main course with a "Cro Cop" versus "H2O Man" bout to top it off

The Heavyweight GP begins here. The next few months should hold a number of outstanding contests leading up top the PFC Heavyweight Grand Prix shows in April and June. A series of "survival matches" will determine who stays in contention for the tournament and who sit home and watch. The evening is capped off with a surprising Mirko Filipovic versus Ron Waterman main event. It seems with all the show jumping and manger changing we've seen lately, it is difficult to say when we'll see the Emelianeko/Filipovic or Nogueira/Emelianeko battles everyone eagerly anticipates. Maybe we'll get to see them in the GP huh? The entire card looks like this:

Chute Boxe destroyer Murilo Rua battles Japanese wrestler Alexander Otsuka

Yoshida-trained judo fighter Kazuhiro Nakamura takes on Mexican wrestler Dos Caras Jr.

Russian Top Team product Sergey Kharitonov tangles with the 7'2 400lb Zero One wrestler LA Giant Silva

Ukrainian kickboxer Igor Vovchanchyn returns to the ring against American wrestler Dan Bobish

Mark Kerr is back in Pride squaring off against RINGS veteran Norihisa Yamamoto

Golden Glory's Heath Herring faces The Pit Fight Team wrestler Gan McGee

And in your headliner, Croatian kickboxer Mirko Filipovic meets American grappler Ron Waterman

So, sit back relax, and enjoy the ride. Your in depth Pride 27: Inferno preview begins in 3…2…

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