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By: Andy Cotterill
Mar 25, 2008
With Saturday's "Crow's Nest" card approaching, Hardcore Championship Fighting CEO Keith Crawford told Sherdog.com that his organization has been purchased.

The new owner, whom Crawford declined to identify, will soon be broadcasting HCF events on a digital channel available to North America and parts of Europe, he said.

The official announcement, including the name of the buyer, will be made at a news conference to be held between this weekend's event in Gatineau, Quebec, and the May 10 card in Calgary.

"This announcement is the culmination of 10 years of hard work in combative sports, and I couldn't be more excited," Crawford said. "What it's going to do, I feel, is to put us right at number two with everybody else. Obviously the UFC is number one, and I believe that Elite XC, Strikeforce and ourselves are going to be number two when we make the announcement as to who has purchased us."

Loiseau Ready to Rule the Roost

Not many fighters can claim that an entire event has been named after them, but David "The Crow" Loiseau now can. He'll take on Todd Gouwenberg (Pictures) in the main event of Saturday's HCF's "Crow's Nest" card.

"It's flattering," Loiseau told Sherdog.com. "It's cool to headline the event. I'm very proud and very happy."

Loiseau has had a tough run lately. Despite going 1-5 in his last six fights, however, he remains one of the most popular and talked-about Canadian mixed martial artists. After working with several organizations that failed to get him a fight in the last year, Loiseau said that HCF has been a blessing.

"Hardcore is a great organization," he said. "I get along with Keith Crawford, and I'm looking forward to working with the biggest show in Canada."

Crawford feels the same way.

"David Loiseau (Pictures) is a great kid, and I really enjoy working with him," he said. "He's got a fantastic personality, and now that we're working with a lot of higher level fighters, he's certainly one guy that is amazing to work with."

Loiseau's first HCF bout was a disappointing. He suffered what some think was an undeserved split-decision loss on Feb. 1 to UFC newcomer Jason Day (Pictures).

"I was very disappointed, but you've got to move on and roll with the punches," Loiseau said. "Jason Day (Pictures) knows he didn't win that fight, and everybody that saw the fight knows it. But I'm past that, and all I'm thinking about now is my next fight."

That next fight is only a few days away now, and Loiseau obviously hasn't decided to take the easy route. Opponent Todd Gouwenberg (Pictures) represents Revolution Fight Team. He's also coming off a loss, having dropped a bout to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (Pictures) on the same HCF card that hosted Loiseau's loss to Day.

Gouwenberg will be cutting down from light heavyweight, but Loiseau doesn't think that size will be a problem.

"It won't be an issue because he has to make 185," Loiseau said. "I've fought big middleweights. I fought Rich Franklin (Pictures), Evan Tanner (Pictures), and I'm a big guy. I could fight 205, but I choose not to."

Loiseau also knows that Gouwenberg is a skilled and potentially dangerous opponent.

"He's tenacious, he's got good hands, good takedowns -- he's a pretty good fighter," Loiseau said. "So I'm looking forward to a great fight.

More HCF News

Crawford has also confirmed that in addition to the HCF debut of Renato Sobral (Pictures), his May 10 card in Calgary will feature the return of Evangelista Santos (Pictures).

"Cyborg" was initially released from HCF after only one fight for violating the terms of his contract. He had signed to fight in another organization within a 35-day period preceding his HCF bout. Crawford was upset about releasing Santos at the time, but he is happy that he has come to a new understanding with Santos' management.

On May 10 Santos will be squaring off against Todd Gouwenberg (Pictures). "Babalu" will face Mauricio Alonso (Pictures).

Although not a fighter, another big name that should please Gatineau fans at the March 29 HCF card is that of veteran UFC referee "Big" John McCarthy, who will be doing color commentary.

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