When ‘King Mo’ Was Sick, Chael Sonnen Offered Help

By: Sherdog.com Staff
Jul 31, 2012
Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, on “Beatdown,” discussing Chael Sonnen:

“When I was sick, Chael hit me up. He was like, ‘Mo, do you need help with your medical bills? I got you.’ He hit me up. He reached out to me. He sent me a text and then he called me. Chael checked up on me when I was sick. It meant a lot to me. When bad things happen, your true friends stick around. Chael was one of them that stuck around. I’d whoop somebody’s ass for Chael. That’s how real I am about that dude. I think what he did as far as talking trash, yeah, he talked trash. He did a great job. He made Anderson [Silva] a star. Anderson was already a star, but he made Anderson a crossover star. The reason why I say that, all of Anderson’s fights were blowouts. He pushed Anderson to the limit and made Anderson show that he’s a true champion by digging deep and coming from behind to win. Everyone looked at Anderson a lot different after he beat Chael. Everyone looked at Chael a lot different. Then Chael continued to sell the fight after that fight and made the other fight bigger. I guarantee you Anderson wouldn’t do no million buys on pay-per-view without Chael.”

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