Video: Bellator Fighter Maiquel Falcao Starts Gas Station Brawl in Brazil

By: Marcelo Alonso
Jul 9, 2013

Security camera footage from a gas station in Itajai, Brazil, emerged this week, which reportedly shows a fight involving former UFC signee and current Bellator fighter Maiquel Falcao.

As seen in the above video, Falcao acts aggressively toward a young woman standing inside the gas station’s convenience store. The woman complains and winds up being hit in the face by the fighter before going outside to call friends, who arrive at the door of the shop.

One of the men strikes Falcao with a punch which leaves him dizzy, beginning the brawl inside the store which then moves outside. The fracas ends with both Falcao and another pro fighter, Kaue Mena, knocked unconscious by wooden planks brandished by one of the girl’s friends.

According to a report from Brazilian site, Falcao suffered minor injuries and was released from a local hospital, while Mena remains in serious condition.

Santa Catarina Military Police have opened an investigation, but so far, no one has been arrested.

According to the Band report, the owner of the gas station, Wanderley Paixao, said that it was not the first time that fighters have caused commotion in his store. Last year, approximately eight fighters attacked the store’s staff.

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