The Meeting That Helped Bring Jim Brown to the UFC Commentating Booth

By: Staff
Nov 22, 2013
Former UFC Executive Producer Campbell McLaren, on “Rewind,” discussing the meeting that helped bring Jim Brown to the UFC as a commentator:

“Jim was doing a lot of gang work, helping stop gang violence. He invited me out to his house, not telling me he was holding a meeting of Bloods and Crips run by church ladies so there’d be no violence. When I got to his house, I was the only non-Blood, non-Crip in the audience. Then Jim thought it would be funny to keep me waiting for about two hours in that house. … I guess I passed the audition because Jim decided to do it. I was wearing a suit. One guy came up to me and he goes, ‘I’m not just in the Bloods -- I’m in the Diabolical Bloods.’ I didn’t know what to do. I said, ‘That’s impressive.’ I gave him my business card.”


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