‘The Answer’ Puts Opponents in ‘Jeopardy’

By: Carlos Arias
Feb 23, 2012

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is always training and trying to find a way to hone his skills, but how does the champ relax when he is away from the gym?

“I’m always watching ‘Jeopardy,’” Edgar said. “That’s a little unique.”

It seems fitting that the fighter known as “The Answer” would be into America’s favorite quiz show. Just make sure that the answer is in the form of a question.

“I’m alright,” Edgar said of his “Jeopardy” prowess. “My wife thinks I’m better than I am. If I was on the show, I’d probably get creamed. I’m good at home. That’s about it.”

So against whom would Edgar be willing to test his “Jeopardy” skills?

“Maybe against some of these UFC fighters,” Edgar said, “but not against these ‘Jeopardy’ guys.”

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