Steven Wright: Eventually Johny Hendricks Could Move to 185

By: Staff
Nov 29, 2013
Team Takedown striking coach Steven Wright, on “Beatdown,” discussing Johny Hendricks’ future:

“We’re excited about the opportunity to be the [welterweight] champion and then hold the title, and then of course if you talk to Johny, we want to do it for a little bit and then he wants to go up to 185 so he can be even bigger in the offseason. … We’re talking about him being 33, 34 years old, so by the time he tried the 185 thing down the road, he’d be going towards the end of his career. I’m not saying he could campaign there for years and years and years, because those guys are pretty tall. … Johny could hit those guys, but he’d have to get inside on them. He’d have to work his takedowns a lot more later in his career if he wants to campaign at 185, but he’s just that kind of guy.”

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