Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Still Unhappy with UFC, Tells TMZ All About It

By: Jordan Breen
Jan 30, 2013

Like hearing Quinton Jackson kvetch in abstract fashion about the UFC "not treating him right"? Love the way TMZ paparazzi can simply find a famous person on a dark street corner, ask vague questions and get the subject to start ranting? This is definitely the video for you.

Just days -- hell, we could measure in hours -- after his unanimous decision loss to Glover Teixeira in the UFC, Jackson is back to publicly decrying his now-former promoter. The only real change is that he is hanging out with his "kind of people" -- Hollywood people. Or at least he'd like that to be his kind of people.

This time around, Rampage's beef seems to be centered on the ever-present "treat me right" angle, as well as foggy claims of the UFC ripping him off on pay-per-view dollars and action figures.

Also, I continue to find it intriguing how upset Rampage gets every time someone suggests he's retiring. During all the publicity leading up to the UFC on Fox 6 and during interactions with the media in Chicago, he repeatedly stressed and emphasized that he wasn't retiring, even when it seemed patently obvious that the people he was speaking to was fully aware of that. Yet, in this scenario, we hear the man prompted with, "So, are you retiring from UFC?", further entrenching the idea that a notable MMA fighter (possibly any MMA fighter) outside the UFC simply doesn't exist at all in the minds of the masses.

Until recently, Quinton Jackson had never lost consecutive fights. He's now lost three straight. The perennial fan favourite with the crazy slams is long gone; this athlete's MMA career is simply not as magnetic as it once was. But, I must profess some kind of morbid curiosity as Rampage attempts to transition at this point. There's certainly no MMA outfit that can match the kind of money that he wants. Does a man so proud bite the bullet for 80-and-80 in Bellator when he's used to million-dollar paydays? Does he truly believe he is the second coming of Mr. T, capable of film and pop culture crossover?

Rampage is not the future of the Flavorwave Oven, but he is also no longer the big-name, faded star trotted out to put a solid 205-pounder over in the Octagon. That is to say, for the first time in a long time, I have no idea what Quinton Jackson even is.

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