Quick Quote: Sylvia Says Pudzianowski Was Not Strong

By: Sherdog.com Staff
May 25, 2010

Peter Lockley/Sherdog.com

Tim Sylvia, speaking Monday on the Sherdog Radio Network’s Savage Dog Show on whether Mariusz Pudzianowski was strong: “Not at all. I’ve faced guys in the gym that were stronger than him. I’m not saying any of the guys I faced can out-bench-press him or pull a car faster than he can or throw keg barrels around like he can, because none of us can, but that’s not what we train for. We train to go against other human beings that are punching you, kicking you, kneeing you or trying to out-position you with their hips. I knew the strength was not going to come into play just because I knew it was MMA. It’s totally different when someone’s trying to grab you and you’re punching them in the face and kneeing them in the body.”

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