Podcast: 'Cheap Seats'

By: Sherdog.com Staff
Dec 27, 2012
With host Jordan Breen on vacation, Jeff Sherwood, Greg Savage’s former partner on the long-running “Savage Dog Show,” stepped in on short notice to discuss Saturday’s upcoming UFC 155 card as well as the UFC’s outlook for 2013.

Greg and Jeff touch on some of the fights they are looking forward to most from UFC 155 and also take a look at the emerging 2013 MMA landscape.

Will the UFC get its mojo back after a year fraught with injury after injury? Will Ronda Rousey continue her rise toward superstardom, and will the women’s division be a hit with traditional combat sports fans?

These questions and more are discussed along with your phone calls and 2013 predictions on this episode of Cheap Seats. Check it out here.

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