Phan Discusses Punching to the Body in MMA

By: Staff
Jan 3, 2012
Nam Phan, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing the use of body punches in MMA:

“I think guys don’t use it as much because it’s a very technical punch. It takes a while to get good at. I think people think that when you throw the punch, when you throw a body shot, you leave your head open. It takes a lot of practice. If you use it well, it’s very effective. … It’s very flattering that I’m known for the body shots, but I don’t try to knock guys out with a body shot. … I take what I can get. If the body’s there, I’ll take the body. If the head shot’s there, I’ll take the head. If the leg’s there, I’ll kick the leg. If the submission’s there, I’ll take the submission. I just think guys maybe need to be more open-minded to strikes. That’s all. Or just put more time into it.”

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