MMA Journo Legends Alonso and Nagao Present Rio Photo Exhibition

By: Staff
Oct 12, 2012

In addition to UFC 153, the fans who are in Rio this weekend have another great way to have some fun:legendary MMA photojournalists Marcelo Alonso and Susumu Nagao are presenting a photo exhibition in the Rio Sul Shopping Mall -- the city’s second largest shopping complex -- featuring over 300 historic photos they’ve captured over their years in the sport.

The exhibition opens today (10) and runs until Oct. 23.

Having covered the sport for two decades, Nagao and Alonso have had the opportunity to capture MMA’s greatest events and document the births of its top stars. From Royce Gracie's victories in the early UFCs, to Rickson Gracie’s domination in Vale Tudo Japan, the biggest battles of Pride, to the rise of stars like Vitor Belfort, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva and Jose Aldo.

This two-week exhibition gives fans the opportunity to review and learn about the most significant moments in MMA history, summarized in a 20-year criterion collection.
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